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Talvin mother dies because of Corona in Sanaa after it refused to government hospitals receive
2014-05-15T23: 08:28.0000000 +03:00

Brach Forums - special : a woman died in the third decade of life to one of Alm_i_viac own in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, from injuries she sustained corona virus.
Sources close to the woman, according to "Brach Net" that the deceased called (magic) is the mother of Talvin .. The government hospitals have refused to receive, and forced her family to enter it in a private hospital, despite the lack of possibilities where, as well as the lack of experience of the medical staff in dealing with patients infected with this virus.
They pointed out that the infected died this evening - Thursday - after he had succumbed to the disease about a week ago.
They expressed their condemnation of the Ministry of Health ignored for such injuries and refused to receive government hospitals and Hmlohm full responsibility.
The Minister of Health Ahmed al-Ansi said earlier that his ministry is working in coordination with the World Health Organization effectively in the face of this virus in addition to the direct communication and continuous with all hospitals to receive reports of suspected any case .. is that the people of the patient complaining lack of interest and indifference.

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