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US: Raw and pasteurized camel milk on store shelves

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  • US: Raw and pasteurized camel milk on store shelves


    June 13, 2014, 7:59 a.m. EDT

    Your favorite desert creature is making its way to the dromedairy case.
    By Charles Passy, MarketWatch

    California-based Desert Farms has launched what it calls the first commercially available line of camel milk products, including raw and pasteurized camel milks and a raw camel milk kefir (a fermented drink).

    The company is touting the health benefits of camel milk, saying it provides ?more absorbable calcium than available in other milks? and it ?may enhance diabetic wound healing,? among other benefits. But it?s also saying camel milk is simply a milk for our times ? ?richer, more filling, more easily digested, and more satisfying than cow, goat or dairy milk.?

    And the pitch is apparently working: The product line is already being featured in more than 40 Whole Foods stores throughout California and is starting to be distributed elsewhere. And that?s in spite of the fact it doesn?t come cheap ? a pint of Desert Farms camel milk runs $18...