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​United Arab Emirates - Serious action needed to fight deadly camel disease

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  • ​United Arab Emirates - Serious action needed to fight deadly camel disease

    Location of Sharjah in the UAE

    UAE | Health

    'Serious action needed to fight deadly camel disease'

    Laboratory to be set up to examine, treat camels

    By Samir Salama, Associate Editor
    Published: 18:57 January 13, 2015Gulf News

    Abu Dhabi: A member of the Federal National Council told Dr Rashid Ahmad Bin Fahd, Minister of Environment and Water, his words did little to allay camel breeders? concerns over a deadly disease that kills hundreds of camel every month in central Sharjah.

    Mosabeh Saeed Al Katbi, a member from Sharjah, said more than 400 camel deaths every month certainly raise concern and require immediate action.

    ?When faced with a deadly camel disease that has no known cure and kills more than 400 camels every month in Al Madam and Al Dhaid, authorities must take serious action to fight it and not just dismiss its existence. It exists and a laboratory must be set up to examine infected camels and find proper treatment,? Al Katbi said.

    Bin Fahd said there had been natural camel deaths and the ministry did not receive any reports of an unusually high number of deaths in camels.

    In December, the minister sent a letter to the House in which he allayed fears of the deadly coronavirus (Mers-CoV) amid the backdrop of reports that camel herds had been killed in the central area of the UAE.

    Bin Fahd said the camel deaths may have been caused by improper transportation of herds or the consumption of badly stored fodder which caused poisoning.
    ?More than 3,342 camel shipments were examined for Mers-CoV and those tested positive for the virus were quarantined and not allowed to be imported into the country,? Dr Bin Fahd said in a letter sent to the House.

    The UAE has two laboratories to detect Mers-CoV in Al Ghuwaifat and Khatam Al Shaklah and a third laboratory is being set up in Mazyad.
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