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New case of Mers reported in Abu Dhabi

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  • New case of Mers reported in Abu Dhabi


    New case of Mers reported in Abu Dhabi

    The National staff
    April 21, 2014 Updated: April 21, 2014 21:45:00

    ABU DHABI // A patient who tested positive for Mers coronavirus is stable in hospital, the Health Authority Abu Dhabi said yesterday.

    The patient was admitted to hospital on April 16 with fever, cough and diarrhoea and was found positive for the virus.

    The patient has kidney disease, had recently received dialysis and had just returned from Saudi Arabia, the state news agency Wam reported...

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    Re: New case of Mers reported in Abu Dhabi

    on Apr 21, 2014

    Health Authority Abu Dhabi .. get rid announces two new Corona virus
    21/04/2014 16:50:49
    Health Authority .. Abu Dhabi / Corona. Abu Dhabi on April 21 / WAM / pleased the Health Authority - Abu Dhabi Declaration on a phase-two new cases of the virus, corona virus that causes AIDS Middle East, respiratory, and so in addition to the three cases announced by the Authority reported yesterday, noting that the cases will leave the hospital soon. authority said in a statement today that five cases had been confirmed positive their examinations virus through routine checks that were made ​​for Mkhaltin, were kept in the hospital as a precaution and has already got rid of the virus self without treatment within 10 days. Based on the tests the previous cases, Board expects that tests positive cases other currently existing in hospitals appear negative and leave the hospital soon, where tests for these cases on a daily basis. has also announced the Commission on the status of a new virus, corona virus that causes AIDS Middle East respiratory.

    Authority said that the situation has been brought into the hospital at 16 April where she was suffering from fever, cough, diarrhea, have been confirmed infected with the virus. The Commission emphasized that the health status of the patient is stable and that they receive appropriate treatment currently. mentions that the situation is suffering from kidney failure, and recently returned from a visit to Saudi Arabia where he has done 3 cycles of dialysis. also confirmed the body they are in coordination with the Ministry of Health and health authorities and stakeholders in State has taken the precautionary measures necessary necessary and in accordance with the recommendations of the scientific and conditions and criteria adopted by the World Health Organization, and that all health authorities are working around the clock to monitor and control the general health status. On the other hand, indicated the Ministry of Health to the World Health Organization confirmed that the virus is not a concern on public health at the moment and it does not require any action to ban travel to any country in the world and does not require tests early in outlets State does not impose any restrictions on trade. ministry said that the centers of epidemiological investigation in the state are working around the clock to report early for any cases of the virus asserting that the state of the health system effectively and that the ministry is following the situation closely to ensure the health and safety of everyone. Follow Emirates News Agency on Twitter wamnews @ and on Facebook / Wamarabic. .. WAM / g m n