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Saudi Arabia - No new Coronavirus MERS cases, 2 deaths, November 4, 2015

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  • Saudi Arabia - No new Coronavirus MERS cases, 2 deaths, November 4, 2015

    MOH: 'No New Corona Cases Recorded'
    MOH: 'No New Corona Cases Recorded'

    MOH: 'No New Corona Cases Recorded'

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    Afif hospital tightens infection controls after coronavirus MERS death.

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    Preventive measures in Afif Hospital after the death case of "Corona"

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    21 Muharram 1437-2015-11-0404: 43 PM
    Fahd Ghabaoa- Afif stated above: Afif hospital management decided to take a package of preventive and precautionary measures after recording confirmed case of disease, "Corona" and the death of this situation yesterday evening injury.

    The hospital administration decided to reduce the time of the visit of all inpatients to two hours so that starting from the fifth evening, with a visit to prevent more than two people at a time for the patient.

    It was decided to stop the visit of the patients intensive care unit for a temporary period, and stressed the need for all its employees careful and follow all the necessary preventive measures, while dealing with any case in which suspected respond to the hospital.

    The command and control center at the Ministry of Health announced today that the case of illness and death, "Corona" in Afif Hospital, a Pentecostal lady, she had been introduced to hypnosis earlier.

    On the other hand; it launched primary health care sector of the chaste administration, through the Department of Preventive Medicine; vaccination campaign vaccine for seasonal flu (H1N1), to several categories will be targeted by the campaign.

    He said the regional supervisor of the Primary Health Care Department Afif sector Dr. Osama Soliman: "embarked all centers in the administration of the vaccine starting category initial target, which include health professionals and administrators primary health care centers and hospital workers Afif year in collaboration with the Infection Control Department, was completed about 70 per % of this category. "

    He added: "The second category within the target of this campaign is to patients who suffer from chronic diseases (such as diabetes - liver disease - respiratory - heart disease) disease."

    And Abizaid: "This is followed by groups of children from the age of six months to five years and pregnant women category, and then wanting to take the vaccination of the above categories is where the vaccination will be available in all primary health care centers."

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