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Saudi Arabia - Qatar reports 1st Coronavirus case in 2014 - travel history to Saudi Arabia

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  • Saudi Arabia - Qatar reports 1st Coronavirus case in 2014 - travel history to Saudi Arabia

    Qatar reports 1st Coronavirus case in 2014

    12 October 2014

    Qatari health officials reported on Sunday the country's first Coronavirus infection in 2014.

    The Supreme Council of Health said the infected was a 71-year-old Qatari national who suffered diabetes mellitus, according to the official Qatari news agency.

    In a statement, the council added that the man had been admitted to hospital to receive treatment.

    It said the septuagenarian Qatari had travelled to Saudi Arabia by land, but fell ill and was admitted to hospital in Saudi Arabia before being flown back to Qatar.

    This is the first Coronavirus infection to be reported in Qatar since November of last year.

    Nine Qataris contracted the virus in 2013, including five who later succumbed to it.

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    Re: Qatar reports 1st Coronavirus case in 2014

    Government report:

    Doha, October 12 / Qena / The Supreme Council of Health for registration of new cases of laboratory confirmed infection corona virus that causes AIDS Middle East respiratory a Qatari citizen at the age of 71 years old, suffers from diabetes and is being treated currently in the hospital.
    Council noted in a press release today it has been the discovery and diagnosis of the situation in reference laboratories within the state and thus be the first HIV infection in this year.
    explained the Council that the patient had been ill, while he was out of the country on a visit to Saudi Arabia, where he was traveling by road to the city of Al-Ahsa and required health condition entry into a hospital for treatment, and was transferred to the State of Qatar by ambulance where he was activating the national protocol private to deal with suspected cases and quarantine.
    The Council noted that it was the application of the epidemiological investigation by a team rapid response to emergencies, has been recording all contacts prospective patient in order to follow-up and examined to provide them with preventive advice.
    stressed Supreme Council of Health on the need to adhere to all requirements of the application of infection control in all health facilities.


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      Re: Qatar reports 1st Coronavirus case in 2014

      I have listed this case as a Qatar case for now but apparently this person became sick in Saudi Arabia. I hope the corresponding WHO report clarifies the situation.

      Details of the case are as follows:

      A 71-year-old male from Doha, Qatar developed symptoms on 1 October while traveling with three family members by car from Qatar to the Al-Hasa Region of Saudi Arabia. On 7 October, as his symptoms worsened, the case visited a private health facility in Al-Hasa, whereupon he was transferred to the Hamad General Hospital in Doha. On 11 October, laboratory tests conducted on the patient confirmed MERS-CoV infection. The case owns a camel barn and is known to have consumed raw camel milk. . The patient has comorbidities and is currently in critical condition.

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