MOH: '1 New Confirmed Corona Case Recorded'

Daily Report of (MERS-CoV) Cases
Saturday 2 Sha’ban 1435 / 31 May 2014
12 pm Local Time in Makkah

Total number of confirmed cases in the last 24 hours: 1 case.
Recovered and discharged cases that previously tested positive and are now negative: 1 case.
The total number of deaths: 0

Overview of the Health Status of the Cases:

1 critical case in ICU.

Health situation of the cases in detail:
In Jeddah:

A 45-year-old male suffering from Diabetes and Hypertension was admitted to a government hospital in Gonfodah on Tuesday 27th May. He has since been transferred to a government hospital in Jeddah where he remains in ICU in a critical condition.

Deaths from previously reported cases:


Recovery from previously reported cases:

A 65-year-old male transferred from Gonfodah to a government hospital in Jeddah was discharged on May 30th, 2014.