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Saudi Arabia - 6 new coronavirus cases, 1 death (April 18, 2014)

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  • Giuseppe
    Re: Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health reported six new MERS-CoV cases in Jeddah (April 18 2014)

    [Source: Xinhua, full page in Arabic: (LINK). Automatic translation.]

    Saudi Ministry of Health recorded 6 new cases of Novel Coronavirus in Jeddah

    16:24:03 19-04-2014 | Arabic. News. Cn

    Riyadh, April 18, 2014 (Xinhua) Health Ministry announced the discovery in Saudi Arabia of 6 new cases infected with novel Coronavirus in Jeddah, included one fatal.

    The ministry said in a statement reported by the Saudi media today (Friday), that the first case of a resident at the age of 53 years has died and the second citizen at the age of 49 years old and receiving treatment for intensive care and the third citizen works the domain of health and at the age of 60 years and his condition is stable.

    The fourth case ? operate the domain of health care and is doing well, and the fifth is a resident with contact with a confirmed case while the sixth case of a resident with contact with a confirmed case.

    The ministry announced earlier in the day recorded six new cases of MERS-CoV in Riyadh, three of which date back to the three Saudi nationals and residents of the afterlife, including a woman who died, according to the statement.

    This brings the number of deaths Corona virus in Saudi Arabia to 73 deaths among 217 cases have been registered in the Kingdom since the emergence of the virus in 2012.

    In this context, stressed the Saudi Red Crescent Authority that the functions of the difference ambulatory centers and affiliates in all regions of the Kingdom are directly cases infected with "Corona" classified by the Authority from within the emergency situations that must be conducted and provide treatment services have either on-site or through transport until it reaches the injured to the hospital.

    The authority said, in a press statement issued today that he will stop any band refuses to transport ambulatory patients suspected wound infection "Corona" from work and referred for investigation and appropriate action will be taken to them after the completion of the investigation and the declaration of the piece with them through the media.

    She pointed out that the circular has been on all the teams in both ambulatory centers or teams advanced air ambulance on the need to deal with all cases that are a danger to human life and to provide appropriate treatment during emergency teams directly.


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  • Saudi Arabia - 6 new coronavirus cases, 1 death (April 18, 2014)

    [Source: Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health, full page: (LINK). Automatic translation from Arabic.]

    Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health reported six new MERS-CoV cases in Jeddah

    (April 18 2014)

    In the context of the work of epidemiological investigation and ongoing follow-up carried out by the Ministry of Health for the novel coronavirus that causes Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV), the ministry made public for the registration of six new cases of the virus in Jeddah.
    1. a 53 years old, passed away.
    2. a 49 years old, now receiving treatment in intensive care unit.
    3. a health care worker, 60 years old, in stable condition.
    4. a health care worker, 26 years old, without symptoms.
    5. a contact of a confirmed case, 38 years old, without symptoms.
    6. a contact of a confirmed cases, 13 years old, without symptoms.

    In this context, and in order from the Ministry of Health to provide all ? media and social networking guidelines of health and medical advice on HIV corona virus that causes MERS, and inform them of the developments around it, they invite everyone to access the link on the disease through the Ministry's website www / coronanew, or communicate via toll-free phone 8002494444 or 937 center or through the expense of the ministry in saudimoh @ Twitter