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Egyptian doctor loses job in Saudi Arabia for submitting letter to ProMED about new coronavirus NCoV

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  • Egyptian doctor loses job in Saudi Arabia for submitting letter to ProMED about new coronavirus NCoV

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    Egyptian doctor loses his job in Saudi Arabia due to virus
    Date Posted: 24 March 2013 - 11:29 am | Report: Jannie Schipper ( David Degner )
    Search terms Dr. Ali Mohamed Zaki Middle East Erasmus University Swine fever Corona Virus Suleiman Faqih Hospital
    Yani Skhyeer - RNW / lost Dr. Ali Mohamed Zaki and his job in Saudi Arabia after he discovered that one of the patients in a Saudi hospital infected with a deadly new virus belongs to the family of the coronary or Corona virus. Explore the world of Egyptian viruses dengue fever and another new virus in Saudi Arabia. "I learned I would be problems, but to the world the right to know."

    When Ali Mohamed Zaki received last summer demand analysis of the patient's saliva (60 years) suffering from severe breathing problems, did not know then that it would put his career in Saudi Arabia is at stake. And this for the second time, it has brought him his research in 2007 problems with the Saudi authorities. In his laboratory at the hospital, Dr Sulaiman al-Faqih in Jeddah has Zaki to conduct regular scans of such symptoms. The examination came after the other negative, virologist realized that there is something wrong.

    Variables SARS virus

    "My initial reaction was: Repeat laboratory tests. Fearing that I have you make a mistake. You make tests and the results were identical."

    Zaki decided to use a team of scientists viruses in the Dutch Erasmus University, because they have more experience in this area and they have the necessary capabilities. In the meantime, the Egyptian virologist coronavirus examination on the sample and found her. Which was also confirmed by the Dutch team, which went further than that by saying that it's about a new virus.

    Corona viruses (coronary) vary Bashdtha between colds and down to the deadly SARS virus. The patient died Saudi infected with the virus after 11 days of hospital admission. Zaki says: "The patient died a terrible way, after he failed a breath once and for all. Because at the time it received the sample for testing, had become need a respirator."

    More fatal cases

    Zaki decided to submit a report to the "Pro D" an international reporting system for physicians who deal with infectious diseases. "It was a difficult decision," says virologist: "I kept thinking, what if spread of this virus? What if no one knows anything about him, which is contagious? Then will be a disaster. Eventually you send the report in the middle of the night."

    Quickly and there was a response: in a London hospital a patient from Qatar has similar symptoms and an unknown virus. Report Zaki led British researchers to conduct tests to see if infected with one of the viruses Coruna.


    And now this new virus that will cause permanently expelled from Saudi Arabia

    "The day it was published News Corona virus ProMED the twentieth of September 2012 I received a phone call from the Ministry of Health and the next day he visited me investigation team to interrogate me."

    Potato and swine fever

    In Cairo remains angry tone inherent to virologist

    "One of the questions that drew me: what educates the virus?" So I'm busy planting potatoes, for example? Study of viruses is my profession. Probably were angry at because I work in a private hospital and succeeded where they failed. According to Zaki, the sample taken from the patient also sent to the Saudi Ministry of Health. There were content test and one swine fever and then left it, as if deaths are not important to them. "

    Zaki decided this time travel the next day for questioning because he did not want to stay again trapped in Saudi Arabia, as happened in 2007. Then received a call telling him that the hospital had dispensed with his services, under pressure from the Saudi Ministry, according to Zaki, who has returned to the old function in the Department of Microbiology at the University of Ain Shams to continue research on the new virus.

    Turned his research his life upside down, but Egypt on the decisions taken by the "as a scientist, I have a responsibility towards the entire world and not towards the Saudi Ministry of Health."

    ProMED letter here

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    Re: Egyptian doctor loses job in Saudi Arabia for submitting letter to ProMED about new coronavirus NCoV

    Interesting twist. Apparently the Ministry of Health is blaming Dr. Zaki for the spread of coronavirus. Dr. Saeed Al-Amoudi, who is quoted below, is the Supervisor-General of the Regional Laboratory and the Director of the Administration of Laboratories and Blood Banks in Jeddah.

    machine translation

    Director of laboratories Jeddah: I think that the finder «Corona» behind the spread
    The lack of integrity of the lab, which was the cultivation of «virus»

    David Alkatiri - Jeddah
    Thursday, 17/04/2014
    Director of laboratories Jeddah: I think that the finder «Corona» behind the spreadExpressed general supervisor of the regional laboratory and director of laboratories and blood banks in the health of Jeddah Dr. Saeed vertical believed that the Egyptian doctor who discovered the virus «Corona» for about two years behind its spread for violating international standards for the laboratory which carried out the cultivation of the virus.

    said vertical for »City»: The Egyptian doctor, who was working in a private hospital in Jeddah two years ago, offered to us by stressing that he discovered the virus «Corona» After our visit to the lab and found a number of violations of the most important that the laboratory does not meet the standards of the World Health Organization, which requires laboratory in which cultivation of viruses to be safe by 28 items, including: to be on the ground floor so as not to spread in the air, as there must be a property of negative pressure to ensure no leakage, in addition to not enter the sunlight inside the room, the laboratory and the presence of a suction air to other standards , while the reality of the lab quite different to those standards, so it was recommended to close it.

    added: The doctor did not stop at that, but he sent a sample of the acid nuclear for a patient to a laboratory in the Netherlands to confirm the result without taking permission from the competent authorities for personal gain to him without regard to the public interest, and this forbidden according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health, so it has been deported from the country. (He was not deported. He fled after the letter to ProMED was published. s.s.)

    said: No one knows what happened after the cultivation of the virus and discovered two years ago, it may be the lap in the air and people are then carrying the disease, and thus may be caused by the spread of HIV Koruna is the way it is sound and safe of which were planted the virus.