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Qatar- 2nd case of Mers CoV in 2017 - April 18, 2017

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  • Qatar- 2nd case of Mers CoV in 2017 - April 18, 2017


    Google translation:

    The Ministry of Public Health announces the registration of a new infection with the Corona virus

    date of issue:
    18 April 2017
    Main News

    The Ministry of Public Health announced the registration of a new laboratory confirmed case of the Corona virus causing the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome to a 25-year-old resident, marking the second case this year, bringing the total number of cases recorded in the State of Qatar since the beginning of the discovery of the virus 20 cases, including 7 deaths.

    The patient complained of symptoms of fever, colds, coughs and pain in the body for several days and went to his health center where he took a sample was examined in the reference laboratories of Hamad Medical Corporation and proved tests positive sample of the Corona virus causing the Middle East respiratory syndrome. The medical reports indicated that the patient was in a stable condition and had been admitted to the hospital for appropriate medical care in line with the National Protocol to deal with confirmed or suspected new cases of the virus. Initial reports indicate that the patient does not suffer from any chronic diseases and did not mix with people with similar symptoms, nor has he traveled abroad in the past two weeks.

    As soon as the communication was received, the Rapid Response Team of the Ministry of Public Health's Department of Health Protection and Contagious Diseases Control conducted a joint epidemiological investigation aimed at identifying the potential source of infection and following up all potential contacts of the patient to ascertain whether they met the WHO standard definition of the suspect A number of patient contacts have been monitored and are currently being tested. They will continue to be monitored for two weeks to ensure that no symptoms are present with appropriate preventive advice.

    The Ministry of Public Health also announces the recovery of the patient who is infected with the Corona virus causing respiratory syndrome, which was recorded during the past month. The condition is attributed to a resident aged 62 years. His condition required him to be admitted to Hamad General Hospital. The last tests showed his recovery from the disease. Insulation and patient leave hospital.

    The Ministry of Public Health calls on all members of the community, especially people at risk of complications such as those suffering from chronic diseases or who suffer from a lack of immunity, to adhere to hygiene measures, avoid contact with sick animals, keep hands washed with soap and water and consult a doctor when fever, Throat especially people who deal closely with camels.

    The Rapid Response Team operates around the clock and receives any communications or queries regarding transitional diseases on toll numbers 66740948 or 66740951

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    These are the 20 cases and 7 deaths:


    1) #4 - Man, 49, onset date September 3, 2012, traveled to UK for treatment Death

    2) #6 - Man, 45, onset date October 12, 2012, traveled to Germany for treatment - recovered

    3)#97 - Man, 59, hospitalized in stable condition in isolation, travel history to Saudi Arabia week before diagnosis

    4) #104 - Man, 29, onset 1 week ago with flu symptoms, now hospitalized in critical condition

    5) #111 - Woman, 56, hospitalized August 23, died August 31 - multiple comorbidities - Qatar Death

    6) #116 - Man, 66, retroactively identified, onset date May 1 and died on May 10 in Tunisia history of travel to Qatar & Saudi Arabia, father of cases #42 & #43 - Qatar Deathnote

    7)#144 - Man, 61, chronic illnesses, hospitalized in stable condition Death

    8)#150 - Patient, 23, asymptomatic case in good condition

    9)#157 - Male, 48, co-morbidities, hospitalized in ICU Death

    10)#160 - Man, 61, chronic diseases, hospitalized in ICU Death

    11) #909 - Unknown, 43, Qatar

    12) #987 - Male, 55, hospitalized for treatment - Qatar

    13) #895 - Unknown, 71, became ill in Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia, transported back to Qatar

    14) #1095 - Male, 69, onset February 27, hospitalized March 3, critical condition, Qatar

    15) #1154 - Male, 27, stable, works with camels, Qatar

    16) #1155 - Male, 73, hospitalized with severe pneumonia, Qatar Death note WHO

    17) #1748 - Male, 40, camel worker, no respiratory symptoms, Qatar

    18) #1753 - Male, 23, stable, Qatar

    19) #1951 - Patient, 62, announced by Qatar

    20) #1963 - Male, 25, stable condition, Qatar