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Qatar announces new coronavirus MERS case - May 21, 2015

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  • Qatar announces new coronavirus MERS case - May 21, 2015

    Top Health announces new cases of B '' Corona ''

    Date of issue: May 21, 2015 Category: Leading News

    Supreme Council of Health announced a record new cases of laboratory confirmed Corona virus that causes respiratory syndrome Middle East to a resident at the age of 29 years and works in the field of breeding camels, has been diagnosed with the situation in the reference laboratories in HMC confirmation.
    The Council pointed out that the patient see a health center where he was complaining of a cough and high fever for five days and does not suffer from any other chronic disease as he did not travel during the previous two weeks before the onset of symptoms had not been subjected to socialize in any case of suspected or confirmed. The patient isolation to receive the necessary medical care with an emphasis infection control followed standards According to medical reports that his condition is stable at the moment. As soon as receiving the communication field investigation team began to examine and monitor persons in contact with the patient and which will continue over the next two weeks, has been recording all potential contacts for the patient to see if it was them from matches standard definition suspected of the situation which was approved by the World Health Organization as well as to make the necessary them tests. as a joint team from the Supreme Council of Health and the Department of Livestock Ministry of the Environment will conduct investigations and epidemiological in camel farms in the area inhabited by the patient to search any suspected cases even if they are mild symptoms and will also be taking samples from camels to make sure they are free of the disease. It calls the Supreme Council for the health of all members of the community to the need to adopt the necessary and approved by the World Health Organization when dealing with camels in order to preserve their health, including the need to avoid persons precautions are highly susceptible to the risk of severe complications due to friction Corona virus closely camels when visiting farms or barns. As for the general public should have to visit a farm or barn adherence to hygiene measures Kahars to wash your hands regularly and avoid friction animals sick. It is worth mentioning that the alternate team to the protection of health and the fight against Communicable Diseases is working around the clock to receive any communications or inquiries on the following numbers:

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