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Qatar - Man, 59, hospitalized in isolation in stable condition - travel history to Saudi Arabia - nCoV coronavirus FAO confirmed

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    Re: MERS case in Qatar per media reports August 20, 2013 - nCoV coronavirus

    21/08/2013: Qatar - Coronavirus
    Confirmed Coronavirus in Ad Dawhah (edt. Doha), for human


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      machine translation

      The patient returned from Saudi Arabia a week ago .. An official source for ' Arabs ':

      Routine tests for virus belonging to the family of the injured «Corona»

      Doha - Ismail Talaa | 2013-08-22

      Informed sources revealed the « Arab »that the Qatari national, who proved his HIV Corona virus syndrome Middle East respiratory feet from Saudi Arabia, where most likely he was doing Umrah, and is currently in the room isolate Hospital Hamad General, where receives follow closely, in parallel with make statements and medical monitoring of the health status of his family and those close to him, who he met after his return to the homeland.

      Sources said that Qatari national, aged 59 years, which yesterday announced the first of his disease Koruna returned from Saudi Arabia, has been introduced Hamad General Hospital since the beginning of the week current, where he was put in a room «isolate» to follow his health and to provide remedies necessary after confirming his بالكورونا.

      assured the same sources that the patient has in a stable condition, which is under the follow-minute, parallel with the launch doctors Hamad Hospital to take all medical procedures provided in such emergency situations, including medical examinations «routine» to the relatives of the patient and Khalthm since returning from Saudi Arabia to ensure that contracting the virus.
      , it reassured the source, a hospital official Hamad General that «there is no any concerns because of the registration of the new situation in Qatar , pointing out that the patient is injured outside the state, and is dealt with in accordance with the instructions laid down by the World Health Organization with such cases ».
      was the Supreme Council of Health yesterday announced the first recording new cases of HIV Corona virus that causes AIDS Middle East respiratory patient's diagonal at the age of 59 years.

      explained the Council said in a statement that the patient was out of the country, and I feel the symptoms before coming to the state, and upon arrival were detected upon diagnosis of the disease in the National Laboratory for avian influenza, stressing that «the patient Atqly appropriate treatment currently is in stable condition».
      statement emphasized the continued tightening procedures for monitoring and surveillance and infection control for all cases of acute respiratory infections, especially for those coming from traveling, noting that it is checked all the samples in the National Laboratory for avian influenza in coordination with HMC.
      keen Supreme Council of Health to inform citizens and residents to new health information or epidemic diseases infectious diseases, and provide them with the latest developments and provide appropriate support when needed.
      fired Council recently webpage awareness about HIV Corona via its website, and dedicated a hotline to inquire about the virus or any other infectious disease around the clock at (66,740,948). 18 rooms isolate b «Hamad » Earlier, Dr Yusuf Maslamani medical director of the Hamad General Hospital to provide 18 rooms isolate healthy is converted to any patient suspected wound infection Koruna need to while making sure not to illness through medical tests, alluding to the possibility convert a large number of rooms in the hospital to areas isolate healthy if the increased incidence of any infectious diseases. also stressed that Hamad Hospital take strict action, referring to the alert to all medical personnel in the hospital and emergency departments of the need to deal with the rapid all cases of suspected incidence of the virus. He pointed to the emphasis on the medical staff working at the hospital on the need to redouble sterilization procedures when dealing with any suspected cases infected with Corona. explained Dr. Maslamani that protocols dealing with infectious diseases had been prepared since the emergence of bird flu several years ago; therefore it has become a hospital equipped to face any cases The epidemic of infectious diseases, pointing out that the World Health Organization reports proved that the virus Corona became transmitted infection, but on a limited scale and not at rates as wide as it was in the incidence of Pfirose avian and swine. look for virus Corona indicate medical information published by the Supreme Council of Health on HIV Corona on the website to that in 2012 associated with HIV infection Corona individuals acute injury in the respiratory system, this new type named (beta Corona virus) is different from any other type of corona virus that already exists, it differs from the virus, which was discovered In 2003, the cause significant inflammation of the respiratory syndrome (SARS). Most infected people suffer from acute respiratory infections accompanied by fever, cough, shortness or breathing difficulties, and some cases have had inflammation of mild respiratory tract. The virus is transmitted from an infected person to the person of others injured, and moves also among people in contact with each other, and is currently under verification of cases infected in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, France, Tunisia and the United Kingdom (UK). There is currently no vaccine or special treatment for the disease, and the health care support and assistance to alleviate the emergence of symptoms of these emerging infections, note that laboratory tests are available at the Virus Lab HMC. name of the disease and adds location Supreme Council of Health, it was noted that since the discovery of this type of virus used the media and scientific symposia several different terms for this virus; to facilitate communication with the General individuals, it decided a working group virus (Corona) in the International Commission on ratings viruses use the term virus, Corona virus that causes AIDS Middle East respiratory tract. , and yet there is no conclusive evidence on how the transmission of the virus, but there is a great possibility for the possibility of transmission through mixing closely with patients or through body secretions of an infected person, such as spray during coughing or sneezing or move indirectly through touching or simulate the hands of the surfaces contaminated with the virus and the laying on of hands on the mouth or eyes or nose after. advised Supreme Council of Health to take precautions, which is to wash your hands well, especially after shaking hands or touching any person who is sick and cover your nose cloth (tissue paper) during coughing, or sneezing and throw it in the trash allocated to it. what Koruna? The virus Koruna (syndrome respiratory Middle Eastern), a new species of large include viruses that may cause a variety of diseases to humans and animals, for the people there are known types cause the common cold simple be cured within a few days is simple, and may also cause the common cold associated with severe pneumonia, including (SARS). spread of the virus worldwide and indicates the location to be confirmed cases of injuries virus infection Koruna exist in several countries in the Middle East, including Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Tunisia, have been reported cases in four European countries are France, Germany and the United Kingdom (UK) and finally Italy. proved that all cases have some contact, directly or indirectly in the Middle East. However, in Tunisia, France and the United Kingdom moved infection locally between persons not present in the Middle East, but they had contact (interview) closely with travelers who have recently returned from the Middle East. adds site that until now unknown extent of the spread of this virus clearly, and encourages World Health Organization all Member States to continue surveillance closely to acute respiratory infections severe and review of all cases showing unusual symptoms carefully, you'll WHO report any updated information when available, has been monitoring the virus only in the above-mentioned States to this day. symptoms of infection and is the overall symptoms of infection in the respiratory symptoms and severe acute accompanied by fever, cough and shortness or breathing difficulties, most of the positive cases were infected with Corona emerging was among patients with pneumonia, and some of them were infected with symptomatic infections in the gastrointestinal tract, such as diarrhea, and some Patients infected with kidney failure. half of the cases infected with Corona emerging died, people who suffer from HIV show them symptoms strongly, and suffer from complications than others, noting that complications current caused by this type of virus is based on the few cases that have been known, It can be changed by the more of this kind in the future by new developments. ways of infection and methods of infection, it is not there is no information available about how infection with this type of virus and its modes of transmission to humans, and research is under way to find out the source of the virus and the symptoms that result in infection and mode of transmission of infection and complications disease, with speculation current possibility that the source is an animal. transition between persons of the question and the question about the possibility that the virus is transmitted from one person to another, experts say, on top of health: «Yes, there are a range of conditions related to each other, which confirms his move from individual of the family of the victim to another individual, whether confirmed cases or almost certain, and most cases have occurred in health facilities or between family members injured, however Valais of transmission of the disease in all cases, whether in the respiratory tract (coughing or sneezing) or contact the Environment infected the patient is not known in full, and the ability of this virus to move between humans weak so far ». not anti-infectives and draws site that there is currently no vaccine for the infection emerging virus, Corona, and there is no special treatment for patients with HIV Corona, and are offered treatments support for the patient with and providing intensive care for him. prevention of the virus shows location that how injured persons infected unspecified unequivocally to now, which makes prevention of the disease accurately is not easy now, however, we must take measures to caution the incidence of respiratory infections, and avoid mixing near the very people who exhibit symptoms of respiratory diseases of (cough and sneeze), and the preservation of washing hands well. recommended commitment to advice the public to avoid infection, including avoid eating meat non-cooked well and fruit and vegetables, non-washed thoroughly with water, drinking water, non-purified. If I got sick infections pulmonary while traveling you should avoid mixing closely with other people, and to avoid spreading the infection to others, and during coughing or sneezing are advised to use tissue paper, which must be placed in the trash immediately after use. workers and the risk and the question about whether care workers health are at risk of infection emerging virus Corona, says the website of the highest health: «Yes been documented, it was the transmission already, and have occurred in health care facilities from an infected person to the workers in health care facilities, and the World Health Organization recommends workers health facilities applying measures infection control and how to control them. relationship between «Corona» and «SARS» disease incidence of pneumonia acute respiratory been identified in 2003, and is associated in terms of family viral remotely infected with coronavirus, although both types lead to a serious disease, but the most important point is that a virus Koruna emerging does not spread easily among humans as it is an accident with a disease incidence of pneumonia acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), which moves faster between individuals. source of the corona virus from bats? so one possibility, but not confirmed, we are following the situation globally, there have been attempts and tests on some of the animals, and we hope that we will get the results soon. transmission of the virus from animals to humans? today not isolate the virus of animal origin, has been reached so far is evidence of the possibility of transmission from animals to humans, and remains the possibility of HIV infection limited, however People who exhibit symptoms such as breathing difficulties did not specify the source were resident in the Middle East or have to travel recently to the Middle East, they should visit a doctor immediately as soon as possible. For people living with immune residents in the Middle East or recently had to travel to the Middle East and they have like symptoms of infection with Corona, you must Ikabloa the physician and the work of the specific examinations by a doctor, regardless of the type of disease they have.