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South Korea's MERS cases, death toll remain flat

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  • South Korea's MERS cases, death toll remain flat

    (2nd LD) S. Korea's MERS cases, death toll remain flat

    2015/07/20 17:13

    SEOUL/SEJONG, July 20 (Yonhap) -- South Korea was apparently nearing an end to the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) outbreak as no additional cases have been reported over the past 15 days, officials here said Monday.
    The officials have said the country may be able to declare an end to the outbreak early next month if the country continues to see no new cases of the disease...

    As of Monday, 14 of those diagnosed still remained hospitalized, and 136 have been discharged following complete recoveries.

    Currently, 22 people, including the 14 patients, were in isolation as eight people remained as suspected cases...
    Also signaling an apparent end to the MERS outbreak, Samsung Medical Center in southern Seoul, blamed as an epicenter of infections, resumed its normal operations on Monday.
    While meeting with reporters in Sejong earlier in the day, Maritime Minister Yoo Ki-june said at least 95 cruise ships have canceled their itineraries to South Korea, apparently due to fears of MERS.

    The canceled trips by cruise ships, mostly from China, are expected to cut the annual number of visitors from China alone by about 220,000.
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