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South Korea - Media Report - Busan: 2 Confirmed Cases

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  • South Korea - Media Report - Busan: 2 Confirmed Cases

    [I have not been able to confirm this at the Busan Health Website]:
    June 9, 2015

    One of the 23 newly confirmed patients, Patient No. 81 was found to have tested positive for MERS after traveling to his home in Busan. The 61-year-old had reportedly taken care of one of his relatives at Samsung Medical Center from May 26 and came back to Busan on June 1 via a KTX train. The relative’s son, who stayed with Patient No. 81 and his father, also returned to his home in Bucheon, Gyeonggi, and tested positive in an initial test.

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    Hong Kong
    Press Release
    June 8, 2015
    SFH, DoH and Controller of CHP on MERS

    Following is the transcript of remarks made by the Secretary for Food and Health, Dr Ko Wing-man; the Director of Health, Dr Constance Chan; and the Controller of the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health, Dr Leung Ting-****, at a media session on the latest developments of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) at the Central Government Offices this afternoon (June 8):

    Secretary for Food and Health: I am very concerned about the development of the outbreaks of MERS in Middle East and the Republic of Korea. Because of the very close and frequent personnel exchange between Hong Kong and Korea, we are particularly concerned about the recent development in Korea. We notice that there is a significant increase in the number of tertiary transmission among the confirmed MERS cases. It has actually exceeded the other categories in all the confirmed cases. At the same time, according to media reports, there is a recent confirmed MERS patient in Busan. All these factors have significantly increased the risk of community outbreak of the disease in Korea. I have, therefore, just convened an interdepartmental meeting under the MERS Preparedness Plan and decided to raise the response level from "Alert" to "Serious". At the same time, the Department of Health has also issued a travel health advice. We appeal to members of the public to avoid unnecessary travel to the Republic of Korea. If there is a need to be there, please avoid visiting health-care institutions and take necessary infection control measures, such as wearing a mask and pay attention to hand hygiene.



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      Busan is at the extreme southeast corner of the map
      Click image for larger version

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        June 13, 2015 Wonju Homers 'Voice judgment' 男 found dead ... The second Busan diagnosed party contact one ball

        Another day, Busan Homers In the second self-diagnosis took me to the emergency health authority.
        13, according to confirmed Busan B (31) Mr survey results Homers secondary mechanics living in Suyounggu party received the decision.
        The second Busan sleep diagnosis.
        The second Busan parties confirmed Mr. B is known to have contacted 718 names. The second Busan parties confirmed Mr. B is diagnosed until stopped by the hospital, but all four were confirmed to have been misjudged by the cold.


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          Busan Homers second confirmed Now, more than 700 people may be more to increase contact ...

          Enter: 13/06/2015 14:42
          The last 12 days the second Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in Busan (Homers) patients with diagnosed Lee (31), who is the contact person has been identified as one of more than 700 people so far.
          Busan, Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the hospital sought a three Lee where he worked with the company targeting primary and hospital epidemiology, verify the results 13 days CCTV 7:00 a.m. current contact number, etc. With research as been said up to 716 people.
          Suyounggu computer-related companies residing in Busan Lee, 16 employees Patients came for two weeks tour of duty charged on the hall went to the hospital last month has 30 days, Busan. He started to appear in the last 1-2 shipment arriving fever 8th show symptoms such as cough, diarrhea with fever were admitted to hospital in good gangan Suyounggu. Until you are admitted to a hospital in Busan Centum Hospital (2nd) and BHS Hanseo as well as the hospital (4) companies and restaurants has been confirmed that traveled to lots of places. Although mainly used for taxi or car when you move, the past days has to take the subway to work together in the evening after drinking alcohol with a meal known in Haeundae jwadong contacts is estimated to increase more than now. Busan is one of 418 people contacts home quarantine was to complete.
          Good home isolated contacts gangan hospital before admission and were stopped by the hospital BSH Hanseo Lee hospitalization, medical staff and patients in Busan Centum Hospital, Visitors, including three hospitals amounted to 388 million people.
          In addition, Lee's company name and contact employees 23 6 2 restaurants where Lee had sought lightness home quarantine.


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            Media Report - Translation


            Busan, health authorities, according to Lee subway and up to 8 days from the last day cab using the normal output, as was the enemy off work in the middle of restaurants and convenience stores were found to be using such. In particular, Lee is riding a taxi at 4 am was moved to the hospital Hanseo PM1 sikke returned to the house. Busan is the day Lee copper is reported to have many contacts in the hospital of Hanseo. Lee was admitted to visit the hospital in good gangan 8 am cab ride doeja fever symptoms worse. He received treatment with other patients in the ward for three persons, up to 11 days after hospitalization. 11 days cough symptoms appear natjiman Lee was not isolated, gotta negative pressure isolation ward until 12 days at the discretion of the hospital Homers received a check. Busan is the person who contacted Lee to the hospital seven days after arriving in Busan, family and work colleagues are estimated to exceed, 900 people, including hospital staff.



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              [They are speaking of case #143, Government announdement]:

              (Male, 31 years old)
              .5.25 ~ 5.28 # 16 hall and hospital stay (Busan Bo hwanyeon, jilbon)

              Media Report - Translation
              6/14/15 Busan 14 days afternoon Homers infected in 1, suspected 881 people
              Patient, hospital isolation 13, home isolation 684, an active monitoring 184 people

              Click image for larger version

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              Busan 14 days 19:00, Busan Homers one days the situation report, the over dead one people and infected patients is 1 (143 times), suspected cases are 881 people aggregated been announced. Among hospital on isolated one person is 13 people and is home 684 people sleeping on white. Front-line health centers have been active surveillance to 184 people. The day home quarantine sleeping 17 people, an active monitor is 16 people
              batdeon the quarantine treatment in the day 14:00 13 minutes Busan Medical Center Busan, the first positive patients dusk seed (81 times · 62 years old) died of pneumonia worsened.Park became infected last month Samsung Seoul Hospital nurse seed hospitalization are relatives A from the 14th Homers confirmed cases. The Park came down to Busan last six days, Busan Health and Environment First-positive after having received the decision nine days while receiving the diagnosis determined from the Centers for Disease Control has become Busan, the first positive patients. Park is only when you start the quarantine treatment in Busan Medical Center SPL room Even if symptoms are worsening and improvement, such as repeated pneumonia and hypertension, but his fever is improved from last 12 days fell into a coma.14 days borrowed Eck Mo (oxygen supply hyeolso catapult) at Pusan ​​National University Hospital, put up the equipment, but died awesome.



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                The Korea CDC Website:

                Date : 2015-06-15 Modified : 2015-06-15 Department : Public Health Crisis Response and Contact : 043-719-7244 ]Views[/B] : 2954
                [FONT=&#46027][B]Busan Homers corresponding to prevent the spread chongryeok

                Busan is charged from 5.22 to 5.28 days exposure to 16 confirmed sleeping in a hospital hall 143 times confirmed characters (male, 31 years old, 6.13 days confirmed) that this fact via a number of clinics in the area have revealed Homers As further spread concerns have been raised. □