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South Korea - MERS Middle East expert: no evidence that the virus has mutated and possibility of spread in the community is very small (media report)

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  • South Korea - MERS Middle East expert: no evidence that the virus has mutated and possibility of spread in the community is very small (media report)

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    Korean media: MERS Middle East experts say the virus does not infect large non-variant

    At 10:49 on June 8, 2015 Source: China News Network

    BEIJING, June 8, according to Korean media reports, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) experts Tariq Ahmad • • 8th Ma Dani said there was no evidence that the virus has mutated MERS, and temporarily No possibility of large-scale spread of the community.

    According to reports, Ma Dani believe, MERS in South Korea will not be a large area of ​​infectious epidemics, the possibility of the epidemic spreading across the globe does not exist. Most of the first generation descendant of severe cases have occurred in which the hospital or family members of patients, so the possibility of the spread of the epidemic in the community is very small. Since June 2012 confirmed the first case of Saudi Arabia since MERS patient, as at present there is no evidence of virus mutation.

    Ma Dani said South Korea's first patient to become "super-spreaders", resulting in 20 people infected with MERS cases the phenomenon is not uncommon. Otherwise healthy people infected with the virus after the death of about 8%, if other disease mortality can reach 40-50 percent.

    He stressed that at present in order to curb the further spread of the epidemic in South Korea, MERS suspected cases patients need to use external means breathing should be isolated to block the spread of the virus in the air hospital. Under normal circumstances droplets can be blocked effectively curb the spread of the virus. Although inconclusive, but we can not rule out the possibility of MERS virus spread in the air.

    He said, for patients with acute respiratory illness must be isolated as soon as possible, it is essential to distinguish between types of patients. In addition, for patients with a variety of symptoms MERS appears to be a targeted therapy.

    玛达尼 said that from the perspective of the government or the departure of managers, to ensure strict compliance with quarantine measures medical personnel. Patients should also actively cooperate to maximize the prevention of transmission of the virus to others. Hospital emergency rooms and other patient-intensive areas should guarantee not overcrowded, you want to maintain a certain distance between inpatient beds. MERS virus is detected while the detection of other influenza viruses, also have to follow up.

    In addition, the authorities should ensure timely and accurate grasp of the whereabouts of HIV, so that timely reporting person may be infected with the virus. Transparency security-related information both to curb the epidemic further spread of the virus, but also help improve the government's credibility.

    Latest news shows, MERS Korea currently 87 confirmed cases, 6 deaths, the mortality rate is about 7%. Korea MERS less than the number of cases only Saudi Arabia, the world's second column.
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