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South Korea - Government reports 14 new coronavirus MERS cases and 1 death - total cases now 64, including 5 deaths - June 6, 2015

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    Deaths and patient numbers increase in battle against disease

    June 08,2015
    Patient No. 64, a 75-year-old man, died Friday and tested positive for MERS the following day, marking it the third death in which the disease was detected post-mortem. As of Sunday, the virus? fatality rate in the country was 7.8 percent.
    Korea?s first MERS patient, who caught the virus last month while on a 16-day business trip to the Middle East, had visited four domestic hospitals by the time he began exhibiting symptoms and was correctly diagnosed.

    Samsung Medical Center, where it was eventually confirmed that he had MERS, was the fourth, though he is not thought to have transmitted the virus to anyone there.

    So far, 17 of the country?s total MERS patients were found to have been infected in Samsung Medical Center?s emergency room. Two are medical staff. Patients No. 55 to 64 contracted the virus while staying in the emergency room with Patient No. 14, who was treated at the hospital from May 27 to 29.

    The total number of patients in the country infected with Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) has climbed to 64 and a fifth person has died, the Ministry of Health and Welfare announced Sunday, as 14 more people tested positive for the disease ov

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    (4th LD) S. Korea reports 5th death from MERS, 14 new cases

    2015/06/07 18:21
    Out of 64 South Korean MERS patients, 17 have been infected with the virus at Samsung Medical Center, the highest rate of contraction at any hospital in Seoul.

    The hospital, affiliated with South Korea's top family-controlled conglomerate Samsung Group, said it has placed under isolation about 900 patients and medical staff who may have come in contact with an infected patient at its emergency room in late May.
    The health ministry said that at least seven MERS patients were now in critical condition, while only one of the 64 people who have been diagnosed with the viral disease has been released following a complete recovery.
    The number of people who have been ordered into quarantine or isolation at their own homes for possible infection has reached more than 2,300 as of Sunday morning, up from around 100 just a week ago.
    MERS is a viral respiratory illness that had a very high fatality rate of over 40 percent globally before the outbreak in South Korea, according to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In South Korea, the death rate from the virus has reached 7.8 percent.

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    MERS Cases Rise in South Korea, Health Officials Say

    By CHOE SANG-HUNJUNE 6, 2015

    Officials feared ?a second wave? of infections after one of the patients from St. Mary?s checked into the emergency room of the Samsung Medical Center in Seoul, one of the largest hospitals in South Korea, on May 27.

    So far, 17 cases have been confirmed among people who spent time in the Samsung emergency room, including 10 of the 14 new cases the Health Ministry reported on Sunday.

    One of the 10 was a 74-year-old man who died on Friday. He was posthumously declared as having Middle East respiratory syndrome, or MERS, bringing the death toll from the disease in South Korea to five.

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  • sharon sanders

    I have updated the line list with these new cases and death:

    51) #1228 - Female, 72, nosocomial at hospital B, South Korea

    52) #1229 - Female, 54, nosocomial at hospital B, South Korea

    53) #1230 - Male, 51, nosocomial at hospital B, South Korea

    54) #1231 - Female, 63, nosocomial, contact of case #1181, same ward at hospital F, South Korea

    55) #1232 - Male, 36, nosocomial at hospital D, South Korea

    56) #1233 - Male, 45, nosocomial at hospital D, South Korea

    57) #1234 - Male, 57, nosocomial at hospital D,South Korea

    58) #1235 - Male, 55, nosocomial at hospital D, South Korea

    59) #1236 - Male, 44, nosocomial at hospital D, South Korea

    60) #1237 - Approximately 37, medical staff at hospital D, nosocomial, South Korea

    61) #1238 - Male, 55, nosocomial at hospital D, South Korea

    62) #1239 - Male, 32, nosocomial at hospital D, South Korea

    63) #1240 - Female, 58, nosocomial at hospital D, South Korea

    64) #1241 - Male, 75, nosocomial at hospital D, South Korea Death

    [보도참고자료]_메르스_확진자_14명(이_중_D의료기관_10명)_추가_발생.hwp (261 KB / 다운로드 : 35)

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  • South Korea - Government reports 14 new coronavirus MERS cases and 1 death - total cases now 64, including 5 deaths - June 6, 2015

    Homers party confirmed in 14 patients (D institutions are among 10 people) Additional occurred
    2015-06-07 30
    CHANG Young Jin Homers central management task force
    Homers confirmed Now 14 people ( two of the Dmedical institution 10 people ) Additional occurred
    A total of 64 people , killed five people -
    D institution by the two car fashion progresses, many patients find -
    □ 보건복지부 「중앙메르스관리대책본부 」는 6 월 7 일 ( 일 ), 메르스 검사결 과 양성으로 Confirmed that 14 people ( double death 1 case )announced an additional cases of were . Additional examples are all managed within a range of nosocomial infections and cases that are on . ○ of the 10 patients , 14 patients with respect to the first 5.27 ~ 5.29between the work on the D exposure from medical facilities was found to have conducted a final positive symptoms such as fever Homers genetic testing . ○ 3 patients B and the case was admitted to the same ward in hospitals , ○ remaining 1 patients F in hospitals 16 times, and the same is the case with the patient ward . □ Countermeasures Headquarters , this time 14 people who confirmed positive to found it " D fad started being conducted at medical institutions while many patients have found that that " was called .
    < Homers epidemic curve >
    * Create symptoms on a daily basis , but upon completion of investigation , the possibility that some modifications and complements
    ○ D is propagated in hospitals 14 patients were started by the second ,14 second patient last 5.21 got work first symptoms appear , usually the body viral load is many times the symptoms after 5-7corresponding to the last day of 5.27 to 29 days between D was admitted to the hospitals emergency room . - At the time D patients and medical staff have been in the emergency room 14 of the first patient is exposed to the virus after its 6.7 day total of 17 patients ( double- D medical practitioners 2 a ) was found was . ○ On the other hand , from the first patient B is propagated in the form of nosocomial infections to other patients and staff in hospitals 1 car fashion , reducing congestion naejineun additional three has shown , if occurring in other institutions also sporadic enemy that seems to occur aspect The situation . - B epidemic in hospitals are full 36 first patients with dual gun and one case directly propagated from the time the 28 cases ,when a radio wave is estimated to add eight cases were identified. □ task force D is Homers fashion in hospitals , while that as the test proceeds expected to be the next discovery was that expected to continue flipping through the weekend stagnant or decreasing .

    machine translation