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South Korea - China government postpones 2 exchange programs due to coronavirus MERS outbreak in S. Korea - June 6, 2015

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  • South Korea - China government postpones 2 exchange programs due to coronavirus MERS outbreak in S. Korea - June 6, 2015

    China, Homers, one of two euros the government suspended joint events

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    Significantly smaller

    Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Homers) were among the travelers who visited South Korea and China in March 31 entry while increasing patient and wearing masks. Incheon Airport / sinsoyoung reporters

    Bakmingwon Moonhwabu Vice party included 'Korea-China Forum senior journalists'
    eight days before departure five days in China jjokseo postponed indefinitely request
    by the Intergovernmental unusually formal events ... Korea situation seemed serious look at

    The Chinese government has been requesting the postponement for the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Homers) and two euros bakmingwon Chinese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea official event press delegation included the first such loan. Accordingly, the two governments have planned international events to be held in Beijing in China was postponed indefinitely.
    21st Century Korea-China Friendship Association (Korea-China Exchange Association) is six days Homers concerns about the spread Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council is requested to newspapers' seventh-China Senior Journalist Forum "announced the provisional smoke. Korea-China Exchange Association official said, "The Chinese government side, because there is a group Homers difficult part to accept the greetings Korea, he embraced and yocheonghae Let indefinitely postpone the event until five days Homers situation quiet evening."
    Office of the State Council and the Chinese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism News this event in the media of the two countries' one of the humanities exchanges, promote trade and economic cooperation in Beijing and Ningxia Autonomous Region to 12 days from the original 08 co-hosted by Korea-China Friendship Association organized Role 'and was scheduled to be held on the subject. This loan is involved in the government delegation, including nights and hwanghotaek Korea Newspaper Editors Association and Korea Broadcasting Journalists 10 people were included in the press delegation. In China, the State Council Office of the Government Chief jengwo chapter and relax rujin president was scheduled to attend, including more than 20 Chinese journalists are.
    The governments such as China came to Korea to enhance the management level for passenger aircraft with passengers from the airport directly to the event requested by the smoke from the government this is the first time. It is also the official event imminent transboundary smoke on is unusual request on diplomatic practice. In particular month 26 days Homers secondary infections b Koreans have also received the seed was diagnosed entry to Hong Kong and the Chinese government seems to be greatly wary of the spread of Korea Homers.
    B's are currently receiving treatment in isolation Zhou Hui, Guangdong, China, gotta understand that a b seed is in contact with people who are isolated in China and Hong Kong are all 91 people. In Hong Kong, there are voices that nurses at the airport, "whether this in fact in contact with the patient Homers" he asked his wife a b seed Criminal penalties also have to come out. China doeja my opinion the worse the government has presided over the last four days in Hong Kong Consulate General of Korea through China and Hong Kong government pyohan regret bar.
    In exchange for Korea-China Association official said, "The Chinese government seems to be seriously accept Homers diffuse the situation of Korea" and "just as we attended side, organize emergency broadcast stations included in the delegation to press time now it is difficult, the Chinese government will also balhyeoseo the judges would rather wish to defer to the next part, "he said. Lee, Jae - Wook reporters

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