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South Korea - Residents of housing complex fear spread of coronavirus MERS - June 6, 2015

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  • South Korea - Residents of housing complex fear spread of coronavirus MERS - June 6, 2015

    Markets Seongnam yijaemyeong Homers residents tested positive Disclosure

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    The market "Residents fear increased ... The hide preventive measures."
    Yijaemyeong Seongnam Zhang revealed the information in their own residence, Seongnam on Facebook Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Homers) received a positive decision 'suspected'.
    Yijaemyeong market place six days '6.6 20:00 Seongnam current residents Homers primary test positive patient status and what to generation' of articles, Seongnam-dong ** ** ** ** District Hospital Worker residing in apartments Female medical expert said Homers received a first positive test. This patient while the last two days beginning gotta rush fever four days in a hospital isolation from ** was accepted.
    This market is, "the woman had said commuting by car thoroughly before wearing white masks. Until isolation is not the person who contacted the family except, "he said. Patients also says that the child attends school, elementary ** '"matters unrelated to the needs of parents from five days to eight days was going to be canceled," he said.
    This market regarding Homers confirmed positive test occurs characters' family members home quarantine ',' contacts and copper tracking ", said the measures, such as" the patient and the family car and residence with shared facilities disinfectant. That apartment residents who will unveil the diagram residence of the patient through the station.
    Earlier in the day ahead market is through an article called "Seongnam 6.6 9:00 Homers related administrative status' Seongnam balbyeongja hall, but said that there is this woman while receiving a first positive test was the first Homers balbyeongja Seongnam residence.
    The market day, the night and at the call "not to disclose your personal information was released about the process Homers" and "The government is hiding gamchumyeon disclose basic information because larger area residents and residents fear more is one of the preventive measures dimension to be careful, "he said.
    Lee, Jae - Wook gimgiseong reporters

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