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South Korea - 600 people on contact list after association with "Seoul D" hospital - June 5, 2015

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  • South Korea - 600 people on contact list after association with "Seoul D" hospital - June 5, 2015

    [Homers fear] Seoul D hospital isolation targets more than 600 (total)

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    [Asia Economic delayed Jin News] Korea Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS and Homers) isolated confirmed cases are associated with hospitals in Seoul D that occurred two people were estimated to exceed the target person 600 people. gwonjunuk Department of Health and Human Services Task Force oversees the planning center Homers H. 5 days at a regular briefing held at the Sejong City government building, "dwaetgo secure (27 days 14 patients diagnosed with ER) at the time the list is in the emergency room, so for the monitoring of the track," said "D hospital isolation associated with approximately 600 characters "he said. One person would exceed the principal rights "by the flow of ER patients or caregivers note cohort isolation (isolation wards in hospitals or tongjae) is difficult," said "that correspond to one another infection within the hospital began in Pyeongtaek, St. Mary's Hospital Homers protons have a lot more out there away.I'm watching you.You closely the results, "he said. Following "For now ongoing (Homers genes) tests, but added that would watch over time because it is still in the incubation period." On the other hand, serious This was decided considering public transit times and routes of some patients with symptoms before Homers public transport.

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    I believe these 2 confirmed cases bought coronavirus MERS to Seoul D hospital:

    1) #1149 - IMPORTED CASE/INDEX CASE - Male, 68, onset May 11, hospitalized in South Korea May 15 & May 20,stable condition, travel history toGulf, Bahrain/Saudi Arabia/UAE/Qatar WHO

    14) #1173 - Male, 35, hospitalized May 13 for TB, on same ward as case #1149, re-hospitalized May 27, South Korea WHO

    Then these 2 confirmed patients were infected at Seoul D hospital:

    35) #1204 - Male, 38, nosocomial, medical staff, contact with case #1173, South Korea

    41) #1211 - Patient, nosocomial, contact with case #1173, South Korea

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    Update from Xinhua on Hospital D (Samsung Seoul)
    2015-06-07 17:18:36
    Ten people contracted the corona virus when they stayed at the emergency room of Samsung Medical Center in Seoul for three days from May 27 together with the 14th patient.
    The total number infected at the Samsung hospital surged to 17, including a doctor of the hospital suspected of having contact with thousands of unspecified individuals under MERS contagion.
    The hospital said a total of 893 people, including 218 medical staffs and 675 patients and their families, were estimated to have contacted with the 14th patient after analyzing CCTV footages during the three-day period.
    All the people exposed to the 35-year-old man have been put under quarantine, and all the areas, through which the man passed, as well as the emergency room were fumigated, the hospital said.
    The patient zero visited the Samsung Medical Center and touched with 478 people, including 193 medical staffs and 285 patients and their families, but no one showed any symptoms yet in the incubation period of two weeks.
    The 14th infectee was estimated to have transported the virus from the Pyeongtaek St. Mary's Hospital, where the first patient was hospitalized for three days from May 15, in the city of Pyeongtaek some 60 km south of Seoul to the Samsung Medical Center in Seoul.
    The 14th infectee traveled to Seoul by bus on May 27 to be hospitalized at the Samsung Medical Center, in which the 35-year- old man infected a total of 17.