Homers transfer contacts closely monitor implementation review and the Middle East arrivals
2015-05-28 [Last Updated: 2015-05-28] 186
Songyoungjo Disease Policy, Public Health and Crisis Response
Homers transfer contacts closely monitor implementation review and the Middle East arrivals

Undersecretary of Health and Human Services hosted a response system reform, health care professionals and organizations / ministries of Health Commissioner held meetings and tried
The Ministry of Health and Welfare Thurs the 28th from 14:00 to hold crisis management measures jangokju infectious diseases expert committee chaired by Undersecretary for 30 minutes to discuss the Homers corresponding measures as infectious diseases and related health care professionals organizations, ministries, and then 16 pm Additional measures held a meeting with local government were also discussed Homers corresponding measures of government-wide level. Jangokju loans in the place of "Welfare emphasized that by all public and private resources to prevent the spread of the Joint Homers can respond proactively and in promoting additional measures have to check carefully whether the execution of the on-site must be within a short period of time will do my best so as to put an end, "he said. The reorganization of the Task Force through the Ministry of the conference was its first for Disease Control and Prevention Division is organized by the Department of Health and Human Services Deputy General Welfare configure my "Homers Management Task Force", today announced operating. This was with the Department of Health and Human Services to review the entire order, including OK nurakja for the contacts of all confirmed cases and investigation so far, Also, in case a similar national public health by mobilizing the available compartment of the (national hospital, provincial medical center, etc.), and ever ready to take advantage of the facility inspection and quarantine places Department of Health and Human Services, National Health Insurance Corporation, HIRA, such as immigration and health care mobilized all call center agents available to entrants for the Middle East Power to conduct monitoring of symptoms, such as fever twice whether wired so that patients found to delay a thorough case management plans.


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