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Saudi Arabia Health Minister Statement on MERS-CoV situation (April 9 2014, edited)

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  • Saudi Arabia Health Minister Statement on MERS-CoV situation (April 9 2014, edited)

    [Source: Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health, full page in Arabic: (LINK). Automatic translation.]

    Saudi Arabia Health Minister Statement on MERS-CoV situation

    (April 9 2014)

    His Excellency the Minister of Health Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabiah, the situation for the Coronavirus is still assured by the grace of God and that the number of cases that have appeared in Jeddah is no different from the rest of the regions of the Kingdom.

    He explained that the ministry has noticed an increase limited number of cases of MERS-Coronavirus during the past few weeks with the emergence of eleven case in Jeddah, but the number of cases in general is still low and does not represent an epidemic and thankfully according to World Health Organization standards and scientific committees.

    HE called all citizens and residents not to be deceived by rumors or call you back unreliable in the means of social communication, asking the media to take the information from official sources accredited representative agency, the Ministry of Public Health or the Ministry's website or the official spokesman of the ministry, and has shown His Excellency that the ministry will make clear to all any important information in this regard and where they are on the clock to provide its website all the latest developments of the virus and the number of cases.

    He called ? everyone follow the instructions issued by the ministry and taking prevention to stay away from the suspected cases or wearing a mask and wash your hands when contact with cases of inflammation of the respiratory system and the need to comply with guidelines and tips awareness issued by the ministry in this regard.

    ? the ministry is providing care customary in such cases, and they are in constant contact and full coordination with the World Health Organization and the scientific bodies of national and global per Newcomer, ? the National Scientific Committee for Infectious Diseases will meet her on Thursday to discuss the latest developments of the virus locally and internationally .

    He concluded his address by saying that the Corona virus is still a mystery in the world and there is no confirmed information about modes of transmission, as there is no vaccine or cure of its own.



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    Re: Saudi Arabia Health Minister Statement on MERS-CoV situation (April 9 2014, edited)

    If the government of Saudi Arabia wants to increase its credibility with the people they need to release all peaceful human rights workers.

    People know when they are being manipulated and the government of Saudi Arabia (along with most others) has a long history repressing people with different views.

    Mistrust in government "comes home" when a public health issue develops. A lack of trust in the credibility in the government = a lack of the government to control the reaction of the people.

    An example is the measles vaccine issue in the US. Despite a good safety record spanning decades, some parents do not vaccinate their children against measles. The primary reason is that they do not trust the government and related entities involved in the process. So now we have measles outbreaks in the US. There is nothing that will convince measles anti-vaccine people to give the vaccine to their children. A fetus exposed to measles in utero can be maimed for life. I know, a cousin of mine lived a very challenging life until he died in middle age.

    So take notice Saudi leadership. You want people to believe what you are telling them? Give them more freedom in their lives.

    More freedom to create a better - more fair and open - Saudi society.