After news of his re-emergence in Saudi Arabia precautionary measures at the Kuwaiti border crossings because of the Corona virus

4/6/2019 3:13:48 AM

KUWAIT CITY (AFP) - Kuwaiti health sources have confirmed that some precautionary measures will be taken in quarantine clinics at the southern border crossings of the country following reports that three people were infected with the Corona virus in Saudi Arabia , Confirming the availability of all equipment and examination devices in quarantine clinics. The sources quoted the newspaper "Al-Rai" in its Saturday edition as saying
To say that precautionary measures aimed at preventing and benefiting from the disease include a procedure The necessary tests for those who appear to have any apparent symptoms are questionable, renewed
Confirmation that Ahmadi Health Zone and Al-Adan Hospital have been notified with the alert to the rest of the hospitals to take all precautions and preparations after news of the re-emergence of the Corona virus in Saudi Arabia. The sources confirmed that no cases of infection of the Corona virus in the country, announced the readiness of the Ministry of various facilities to deal with an emergency, pointing out in the same context that the concerned ministry will follow up any developments with the Saudi side about the reported injuries reported.