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Kuwait - Media report: Ministry of Agriculture found coronavirus MERS in 5 of 83 randomly tested camels

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  • Kuwait - Media report: Ministry of Agriculture found coronavirus MERS in 5 of 83 randomly tested camels

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    Body ?Agriculture? announces the discovery of HIV infections 5 ?Corona? among camels in Kuwait
    Sweeteners ? June 10, 2014, 16:40 / 109 views
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    Announced Board Chairman and Director General of the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources Engineer Jassim Al-Bader discovery of 5 cases of HIV (Corona) among camels in the country. said Bader said in a statement that the Commission took random samples of some herds of camels stationed in Kuwait and to identify the infected ones and isolated, indicating that the number of cases that have been discovered infected with the disease reached five cases out of 83 samples tested. confirmed Bader that the Commission has taken precautionary measures and preventive measures for all the infected cases, indicating that he was making contacts with camels and visit the site and isolate the infected ones to make sure not to act and not to move the herd any other place only after the approval of the Authority. said to hold an emergency meeting between the Commission and the Ministry of Health to follow up on the health status of the owners of these herds, along with the continuous coordination to follow the general situation of the herds the other to make sure they are free of the disease. added that the Authority will take all necessary measures recommended by organizations World such as the World Organization for Animal Health and the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization as well as coordination with the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council in this regard.

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    Five MERS-infected camels found in Kuwait - official


    Five MERS-infected camels found in Kuwait - official
    10/06/2014 | 09:56 PM | Kuwait News
    تصغير الخطتكبير الخط
    KUWAIT, June 10 (KUNA) -- Five camels in Kuwait have been found infected with MERS coronavirus, the Public Authority for the Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources' (PAAAFR) Director General Jassem Al-Bader said on Tuesday.
    The camels found infected have been identified and quarantined, and were found amongst 83 diagnosed specimens, said the official in a statement...


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      Re: Kuwait - Media report: Ministry of Agriculture found coronavirus MERS in 5 of 83 randomly tested camels


      Results of MERS tests on Kuwait camels ?negative? ? Precautions to prevent spread of virus

      KUWAIT: Deputy Director General for Animal Welfare Affairs at the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) Hanadi Bastaki said medical tests that were made for those who dealt with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) infected camels are negative, adding that the camels tested were random by PAAAFR teams in various areas.
      She said the decision to ban the import and export of camels is subject to new developments and laboratory results.

      She said the decision will be reviewed after some time and she asked camel owners to appreciate the current situation as the authority is dealing with a most dangerous virus that threatens human health. The infected camels have been quarantined. She said that contacts were made with international organizations in regards to this issue as well as animal health groups in the GCC countries and all precautions must be taken to prevent the spread of the MERS coronavirus in Kuwait...