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Jordan - Government announces coronavirus MERS death in previously announced case: Person, 56 - September 1, 2015

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  • Jordan - Government announces coronavirus MERS death in previously announced case: Person, 56 - September 1, 2015

    Health" and recorded the second death of infected Coruna
    Oman first of September (Petra) - The Ministry of Health said that one of the people infected with Corona of the cases announced during the past few days, died Tuesday; bringing the number of deaths among the injured during this year to two deaths. He explained communicable diseases department director Dr Mohamed Abdullat in a press release , that the deceased Jordan at the age of 56 years, and has pressed disease and diabetes and kidney failure, and had carried out his newly open-heart surgery. He pointed out that the total number of cases since recording its first case of the virus this year reached 6 injuries, two cases remaining four, one of them died in put healthy critical, while other improvements in three cases, including two cases have described the injury when you sign that health and put them awkward. - (Petra) A T / Q A / P c 01/09/2015 - 15:32

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    The recent case referred to above is:

    #1526 - Age 56, hospitalized, Jordan

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    The government announcement refers to two total deaths in 2015 with one being in the recent cluster of 6: "..virus this year reached 6 of them died.." This case is identified as:

    #1526 - Age 56, hospitalized, Jordan.

    I have checked the WHO DONs for this year and find no other coronavirus MERS death mentioned for Jordan for 2015.

    Hopefully WHO will issue an update soon about this situation.


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      This is the case list, with updated WHO information, for this cluster - 6 total cases, including 2 deaths:

      1) #1506 - Male, 60, onset July 31, hospitalized August 10, died August 27, Jordan citizen, hospitalized in Amman in critical condition, on July 28 returned from Saudi Arabia Death WHO

      2) #1510 - Male, 38, onset August 10, hospitalized August 17, nosocomial contact of case #1506, Jordan WHO

      3) #1519 - Male, 76, onset & hospitalized on August 25, nosocomial contact of case #1506, critical, Jordan WHO

      4) #1520 - Female, 47, asymptomatic on home isolation, nosocomial contact of cases #1506, #1510, Jordan WHO

      5) #1526 - Age 56, hospitalized, Jordan Death

      6) #1533 - Person, 74, hospitalized, Jordan