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Jordan - Man, 56, suspected coronavirus MERS case hospitalized in Amman - Confirmed

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  • Jordan - Man, 56, suspected coronavirus MERS case hospitalized in Amman - Confirmed

    machine translation

    Suspicion of infecting new HIV Corona
    Monday, 05 May 2014 13:14
    Suspicion of infecting new HIV Corona

    Way - Ahmad Barqawi suspected of infecting new Corona virus to enter a patient on Monday to a hospital in the capital, Amman.

    The official source for "the way" review of a patient suffering from the symptoms of infection with Corona to the hospital, referring to the sending and the Ministry of Health medical team from before to conduct a survey epidemic on the case suspected, by taking samples from the patient for laboratory examination.
    said that the symptoms of infection with Corona similar to those that appear on infected swine flu "H1N1".
    spotted competent authorities seven injuries virus Coruna in Jordan between Jordanians and non-Jordanians since his debut in April 2012.
    pointed source - who preferred not to be named - the existence of cases of infection with Corona to nurse works one of the hospitals in the province of blue, lying now on a bed of healing, and is subject to the types of treatment in a private hospital, pointing at the same time not to discover the World Health Organization for the treatment of anti-virus Corona so far.


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    Re: Jordan - Suspected coronavirus MERS case hospitalized in Amman - tests pending- confirmed

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    machine translation

    The death of a fourth as a result of infection with Alchorna

    Amman, May 6 (Petra) - The Health Ministry announced on Tuesday for the registration of the death of new HIV Alchorna to one infected with the virus at the age of 56 years had been suffering anemia and pneumonia Log on its impact on the hospital. said director of communicable diseases at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Mohammed Abdallat to Jordan News Agency (Petra) that the number of deaths registered in Jordan virus Alchorna became four cases out of eight cases have been diagnosed since 2012. added that the patient who died proven laboratory having the virus and was on a respirator in a hospital since last Saturday, which also suffers a rise in blood pressure as well as he smoked. stressed Abdullat that the public and private hospitals to inform the Ministry of Health for monitoring of respiratory diseases, particularly severe pneumonias unexplained (unknown reason) until the ministry diagnosis and conduct laboratory tests and limit contacts and isolate the patient and the application procedures of infection control. confirmed the importance of the application of health staff to infection control procedures when dealing with cases of respiratory diseases, or suspected of being infected with coronavirus infection or installed. - (Petra) A T / m b 06/05/2014 - 16:54