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Iran - Health Ministry alerts on MERS

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  • Iran - Health Ministry alerts on MERS

    Health Ministry alerts on MERS

    Tehran, Oct 21, IRNA – A senior official at the Health Ministry on Tuesday warned against appearance of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) as 50 cases of severe respiratory diseases were identified among Iranian pilgrims who have lately returned from Hajj in Saudi Arabia.


    Health Ministry consultant for infectious diseases Farshid Rezaei said since two cases of MERS were identified in Turkey and Qatar, It is highly possible that similar cases be found in Iran soon.

    Addressing a local gathering here, the official said necessary tests will soon be conducted for the affected pilgrims in order to prevent massive epidemic of the disease countrywide.

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    Re: Iran - Health Ministry alerts on MERS

    machine translation

    Injured Iranians to "Corona"
    5 injured Iranians to "Corona" Iranian Minister of Health confirms that the two patients infected with the virus while performing the Hajj in Saudi Arabia.
    TEHRAN of Ahmed Saadi
    23/10/2014 03:06:40

    The Minister of Health of Iran, Hassan Qazi Zada Hashemi, on Wednesday, the existence of five patients infected with Corona in the country, pointing to the lack of concern about these cases. said Lankarani said in a statement: "These five patients were discovered illness at Tehran airport Upon their return from pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. " the Iranian minister pointed out that this is the first case that is the discovery of a number of injured people with the virus, calling on citizens to respond to the guidelines released by the health ministry.


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      Re: Iran - Media report: MoH confirms 5 pilgrims test positive for coronavirus MERS upon return from Saudi Arabia

      Ministry of Health announcement:

      The Ministry of Health announced:

      Identified 5 patients with corona virus in the country was about 5 months ago / this disease and control cases had comorbidity

      Ministry of Health and Medical Education issued a statement saying: identification of five patients with corona virus in the country was about 5 months ago, after which the disease of control and other we did not have comorbidity.
      The News and Information Ministry of Health and Medical Education (Web-da), according to the Ministry of Health and the Health Minister's speech today to the people of the speech on the success our health abhar in the control of conditions such as cholera and Corona virus was noted in the country.
      Health Minister in his speech said: Sanitary Control of respiratory disease corona even for major powers is not easy, but luckily we were able to try the health and disease control measures to rein in the country ./201

      21: 14 - Wednesday, Persian date Mehr 30 1393 / number: 114972 / Number of Views: 139

      (Mehr 30 is October 22 in the Julian calendar)



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        Re: Iran - Health Ministry alerts on MERS


        #683 - Woman, 52, onset & hospitalization on 11 May. The patient is currently in a critical condition. She is known to have an underlying medical condition. The patient did not have a history of travel. Sister of case #684 - Iran Death note

        #684 - Woman, 50, onset 11 May, hospitalized on 17 May. She is currently in a stable condition. The patient is known to have an underlying medical condition. She does not have a history of travel. She is reported to have had close contact with her sister, case # 683 - Iran

        #827 - Woman, 35, nurse assistant, contact of case(s) #683/684 onset 26 May, productive cough on 28 May, throat swab taken on 26 May was tested positive for MERS-CoV - Iran

        #843 - Man, 44, onset June 6, hospitalized June 17, tested positive June 20, health care worker, contact with SARI (negative for MERS) patient, no animal or travel history - Kerman, Iran

        #853 - Female, 67, re-hospitalized June 25 with symptoms after recent hospital stay, died July 5 - Kerman, Iran Death