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Book the first case among the pilgrims suspected of being infected with Corona
23 2014 08:

Management decided to quarantine Hurghada International Airport, dawn on Thursday, booking the first suspected case of being infected with HIV, "Corona", among the pilgrims from the holy land of Saudi Arabia.
The members of the quarantine management Hurghada International Airport suspected in the case of Ahdalsadat called "Saadia S M" (57 years old), resident of Safaga in the Red Sea, after the rise in temperature, and during a meeting with one of the flights coming from Saudi Arabia, carrying a group of Egyptian pilgrims following the completion of the rituals of Hajj.
The case was transferred to a hospital in Hurghada diets, and diets doctors take samples to be sent to the central laboratory in Cairo, to be sure of being infected with the virus or not.
For its part, said Dr. Najwa Mikhail, director of the hospital admitted Hurghada, Vibarhat special for "gate News," The situation is suffering from a high temperature, a sample was withdrawn to be sent to labs central Cairo, to make sure Asaptht the virus or not, it will show results within 48 hours will be announced soon to know the outcome