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Agriculture? start withdrawing samples of beauty in search of ?Corona? Wed
Tuesday 03-06-2014 18:21 | wrote: Metwally Salem

Begin on Wednesday the General Authority for Veterinary Services representative in Preventive Medicine at the Ministry of Agriculture, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, samples of beauty in the 4 provinces of the most important market Briqash Giza and market Banha Balqlliopip and Quesna Menoufia, and a main Aswan, as well as the eastern region, in addition to the quarries and analyze samples of beauty slaughtered massacres in the governorate of Cairo, to make sure they are free of the virus ?Corona?.

Said Dr. Osama Salim, head of the General Authority for Veterinary Services, in a press statement Tuesday, said the agency has taken a number of urgent action procedures in place in accordance with the terms of the World Organization for Animal Health OIE and the Food and Agriculture Organisation FAO, which includes samples of beauty in various provinces markets and places where the camels, and a comprehensive survey For the case of camels in key markets, a survey epidemiological situation in the beauty or lack thereof, and the tightening of border control procedures nationwide to prevent the smuggling of animals to protect livestock from disease, "Corona" and Rift Valley Fever.

He explained that the results of some studies suggest that the prevalence of the disease is due to the types of cattle and camels in some Arab countries and concluded identify antibodies to the virus in 3.6% of the total 110 samples were withdrawn from the camels while ago, samples of cattle Kalognam and cattle of any positive to this antibodies.