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Thailand: MERS case reported at Bamrasnaradul hospital - ex-Kuwait - confirmed by WHO August 26, 2016

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  • Thailand: MERS case reported at Bamrasnaradul hospital - ex-Kuwait - confirmed by WHO August 26, 2016

    A Middle Easterner who has been treated at Bamrasnaradul hospital has been diagnosed of being infected with MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), said Dr Amnuay Kajina, director-general of Diseases Control Department, on Saturday.

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    Apparently the patient is doing well and is a foreigner.

    TBA. Man's disease homers in the first Thailand fared better.
    Cool story Tuesday, August 2, 2559 15:06 pm.

    Director General of Disease Control reveals a turbulent homers last one up surveillance measures at the same concentration.
    The Dr. G's Director General of the Department of Disease Control, said the results of the expert meeting. Subcommittee on Technical and strategic consulting. The identification and diagnosis of emerging infectious diseases. By Professor Emeritus Dr. Prasert gold boom presided suggestions about allowing patients to leave the hospital and allowed to return to the country. If the patient has no fever and other symptoms and results of laboratory tests are not infected with all four laboratories of two times the distance of at least 24 hours, which results in the first on July 31, 2559 last. no infections and four laboratories. The results of the first two yesterday are still waiting. For patients returning home. Would be coordinated with the embassy.

    Chief Medical Director On to say The symptoms of this disease homers showed no symptoms, no fever, dyspnea. In the meantime, and no other symptoms of disease control measures are carried out surveillance, prevention and control of the Ministry of Health homers fully followed up. The. The. Diseases Act 2558 and the Public Health Ministry. dangerous diseases have also coordinated closely with the World Health Organization. If there is progress, however. Disease Control Department to let people know. Do not believe all the rumors. Please follow the news from the Ministry of Health. For inquiries, call 1422 24.

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the disease situation homers worldwide as of July 25, 2559 confirmed cases of 1791 killed 640 people from 27 countries, mainly in the Middle East.


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      If finally confirmed this is the 3rd case hospitalized in Thailand. The other 2 cases are:

      #1354 - Male, 75, onset date June 10, hospitalized in Oman, then traveled to Thailand and hospitalized upon arrival June 15, Oman WHO

      #1651 - Male, 71, diagnosed in Thailand after travel from Oman

      Source: FluTrackers Coronavirus MERS case list (non-Saudi) link


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        Young Kuwaiti man cleared of Mers 31 Jul 2016 at 22:02
        An 18-year-old Kuwaiti man suspected of contracting Middle East Respiratory Syndrome was cleared of the virus in the first round of the two mandatory laboratory tests, director of the Bamrasnaradura Infectious...


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          hat tip Biological100

          Kuwaiti teenager becomes third MERS case in Thailand, THE SUNDAY NATION July 31, 2016 1:00 am Highlights: Thailand 18M ex Kuwaiti, entered 25-Jul-16 , Onset 26-Jul-16 respectively, currently stable Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute in Nonthaburi. Confirmation: Amnuay explained that this teenager, despite detection of the virus in him, was categorised as a person "likely to fall ill" from MERS-CoV - apart from two other categories of "confirmed" patients and the "variable group". The tests of his bodily fluids at four labs (Medical Science Department, Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute, Chulalongkorn Hospital and Ramathibodi Hospital) found the virus but the results had some uncertainty pending confirmation from experts.


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            hat tip Shiloh

            Confirmed by WHO on August 26, 2016