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Thailand - Government announces 2nd coronavirus MERS case, ex-Oman - January 24, 2016

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  • Thailand - Government announces 2nd coronavirus MERS case, ex-Oman - January 24, 2016

    The Public Health Ministry on Sunday announced the country's second confirmed case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV).
    The patient is a 71-year-old man from Oman who travelled to Thailand on Jan 22 after having been treated at a hospital in that country for about one week for fever and a cough, according to Public Health Minister Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn.
    The man tested positive for MERS at Bamrungrad and Chulalongkorn hospitals.

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    Government announcement via machine translation. Year 2559 in the Thailand calendar is 2016.

    TBA. Patients respiratory diseases at two of the people of the Middle East Oman.

    Ministry of Public Health Patients with confirmed disease or respiratory disease, the Middle East, where two homers profile of a man of Oman. Treat the disease at the Institute Bamrasnaradura. A total of 252 patients were exposed to high risk, 37 people, not all the patients. The disease has not spreadKnow your name and address. And perform all tracking People do not panic measures taken eat hot utensils Wash your hands if you return the areas of plague include fever, cough, seek medical attention immediately. Guests must call the hotline 1422 I travel history.
    Prof. Emeritus Dr. clinic. Piya Sakon Sakolsattayatorn Minister of Health, along with Prof. Emeritus. Dr. Prasert gold growth experts in virology. Dr. Sophon cloud Constitution Ministry of Health. Director General of Disease Control Chief of Medical Sciences Department of Health Service Support Representative Hospital, Bumrungrad's press conference conducted surveillance.Screening patients with respiratory Middle East. Or disease homers Ministry of Health. Surveillance was conducted rigorous screening ongoing.

    In today's patients confirmed the disease, the second of patient age was 71 years, the Oman travel to Thailand on January 22, 2559 due to hospital treatment that Oman with fever and cough for about one week, fared no better. go up Travel to Thailand The hospital was built in disease. Availability laboratory for HIV homers. The hospitals Rat. Hospital and CU have a positive effect.
    Later on January 23, 2559 at 18.20 hrs., Has come forward to maintain the institution Bamrasnaradura. Availability laboratory for HIV homers. The Department of Medical Sciences Have a positive effect as well, Patients in this morning. The patient feels well built Tired Receive oxygen and medication to relieve symptoms. Due to inflammation of the lungs Dining options The rest cure at room separate disease. The Ministry of Health The need to continue the Tracking exposed patients include relatives traveling with one person (treble) crew and passengers on board the 218 people who remain in the country (out of 239 who were exposed to high 23's low risk 195 people). Taxi drivers one person (treble) one of the hotel staff and the hospital staff 30 people (11 people at higher risk).
    All this by touching To import surveillance system symptoms until 14 days beyond the incubation period of the disease. Among those exposed to high-risk relatives of 37 people consisting of one person on the plane, 23 passengers were taxi drivers, hotel staff, one person, one man, hospital officials, 11 people have been put in place to prepare. To follow up closely The risk exposure is low. It is advisable to separate themselves. Reducing social with others A system to track staff
    The Secretary of Health Dr. Sophon cloud bank said this patient was the two of us have work experience. The close contact less risky. Faster detection system takes only 10 hours. A system for better coordination of state hospitals Private Health Control. Immigration Cause unknown The following contact address and contact all patients. With instructions to perform successfully. Now the patient is in the hospital with a control system.Germs can not be out of the hospital. Ask people not to panic People eat hot incorporating utensils Wash your hands if you travel to the outbreak homers returned within 14 days if you have a fever, cough, immediately seek medical attention immediately. With their travel history in doubt call the hotline of the Department of Disease Control, in 1422.
    ************************ January 24, 2559


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      Previous case diagnosed in Thailand:

      Male, 75, onset date June 10, hospitalized in Oman, then traveled to Thailand and hospitalized upon arrival June 15, Oman WHO


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        Thailand quarantines 32 people after 2nd MERS case confirmed

        BANGKOK, Jan 25 (Reuters) - Thailand has quarantined 32 people as it seeks to prevent the spread of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) after a second case of the virus was detected on Friday, a health ministry official said on Monday.


        The WHO said in January it has been notified of 1,626 confirmed cases of infection with MERS