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Second Dutchman infected with MERS virus (, May 15 2014)

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  • Second Dutchman infected with MERS virus (, May 15 2014)

    [Source: NRC.NL, full page in Dutch: (LINK). Automatic translation. Hat-tip Crawford Killian @Crof.]

    Second Dutchman infected with MERS virus

    by Anouk Eigenraam

    INTERIOR Another Dutchman is infected with the virus lung MERS. That leaves the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) know, reports news agency Novum.

    It would be a female relative of infected men in The Hague, who was hospitalized. Yesterday with MERS

    The two were both infected during a trip to Saudi Arabia. They have visited a dromedarissenboerderij and shared two weeks a hotel room.

    The virus appears to be transmitted by camels.

    In Saudi Arabia, a quarter of the camels themselves infected with the virus.

    For that reason, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) introduced this morning a preventive control of a camel dairy in Berlicum (Noord-Brabant). According NVWA initial tests indicate that 85 camels are virus free.



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    Re: Second Dutchman infected with MERS virus (, May 15 2014)

    [Source: The Netherlands Ministry of Health, full page: (LINK). Automatic translation from Dutch.]

    The Netherlands, Second imported MERS-CoV case confirmed

    Second MERS -patient in the Netherlands

    Publication Date: 15-05-2014 * Revision Date: 15-05-2014

    Today, May 15, 2014, is a second Dutch patient infected with the MERS coronavirus identified.

    The woman is a relative of the man who is diagnosed with yesterday.

    She also has become contaminated during the same trip to Saudi Arabia.

    She is listed in Isala Zwolle and nursed in strict isolation. Her health condition is stable. All the people who have had contact with the patient are mapped by the health department. These people's health condition is monitored.

    The woman visited a camelfarm in Saudi Arabia.

    She has had close contact with the first patient, they shared a hotel room for two weeks. It is also known that both patients have underlying conditions that make them probably more susceptible to infection with this virus.

    Public Health Service , the health status of all travelers and people who have had contact with the patients good eye. If they get health research is done. It is therefore possible that an infection with more patients in the coming weeks MERS coronavirus is established.

    Dutch hospitals are well equipped to provide this care.

    MERS infections can cause severe respiratory symptoms, especially in people with other health problems. Diarrhea symptoms may also occur.

    Human-to-human transmission of the MERS coronavirus is rare, except in close contact with patients and unprotected care of seriously ill people.
    Since 2012 there has been an outbreak of a new MERS coronavirus (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) in the Middle East.

    Meanwhile, more than 500 patients in the Middle East have been reported to the World Health Organization.

    In April and May 2014, there is a sharp increase in the number of reports in the Middle East.

    The vast majority of reports come from this region (especially Saudi Arabia, as well as Qatar, Jordan, Oman, Yemen and United Arab Emirates).

    Since last year, there are some patients in whom infection with MERS coronavirus has been established in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Greece, Philippines, Malaysia, Kuwait, Tunisia, Egypt, Germany and the United States.

    These were travelers who have been in the Middle East. Infected It is not unexpected that there are now patients in the Netherlands.

    MERS coronavirus Therefore since July 2013 a notifiable infectious disease.