[Source: Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health, full page in Arabic: (LINK). Automatic translation.]

Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Health: respiratory diseases the most common diseases among the Hajj pilgrims

(October 3 2013)

Considered advisory respiratory diseases and tuberculosis d. Naila Abualjaddaal that respiratory diseases of the most common diseases among the pilgrims, which are classified according to the site of infection in the respiratory tract, such as inflammation of the respiratory tract, upper, and include inflammation of the nose and pharynx, tonsils, throat, sinuses, and there is inflammation of the respiratory tract, the lower and include bronchitis and pneumonia, and be either due to viral or bacterial infection, and finally episodes of shortness of breath as a result of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and the frequent among the elderly and smokers.

And confirmed by Dr. Naila that the Health Ministry has as usual every year to prepare early for the pilgrimage season through the equipment and plans for sanitation feelings of the Holy hospitals, centers and health services in the ports land, air and sea, as well as plans preventive for infectious diseases and prevent their spread among the pilgrims, in addition to follow up work with the committees of the pilgrimage to the provision of health care for the pilgrims, and create a healthy atmosphere for them to perform rituals, and the holy sites hospitals, health centers and ambulance and emergency services operate at full capacity over the twenty-four hours throughout the season.

This came during a Hosting Information Center of Information and health education at the Ministry of Health to Dr. Naila Abualjaddaal during the service "health pilgrims .. us the address" through the toll-free number for the center 8002494444 and calculate the Ministry of Health on Twitter @ saudimoh, to answer questions from callers who suffer from respiratory problems , and others who wish to perform Hajj easily.

As advised by Dr. Naila Abualjaddaal pilgrims who perform the rituals of Hajj more than once, due to the business expansion major taking place in the holy sites these days, especially the elderly or those with failure in the efficiency of the respiratory system, and patients receiving chemotherapy or renal failure patients, and patients with obstructive pulmonary disease, and patients receiving drugs suppressing the immune system; postpone going to the Hajj this year and to consult with your physician about it.

On the other hand explained advisory respiratory diseases and tuberculosis, in response to the many questions that it has received through the expense of the Ministry of Health on Twitter, that tuberculosis is curable, and it will be, God willing, by using the main drugs for the treatment of tuberculosis during the period of treatment of 6 9 months, pointing to The Ministry of Health is providing services for the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis in its public hospitals, in addition to health centers for follow-up and epidemiological investigation in accordance with the international standards in the diagnosis, treatment, and all work the same mechanism and therapeutic protocol.

And whether to puffer "Alphentolen" any negative effect on the lungs replied that drugs are specialized in the treatment of asthma and has a direct impact on the expansion of the airways leading to improved patient when there is a mute self, and is used widely, and has no negative effect on the lungs, and even recommended when there is a self-mute or at the beginning of the crisis, and add the preventive spray; to control the disease under constant medical supervision.

She said Dr. Naila Abualjaddaal to cough continuing in children is one of the symptoms of respiratory disease and not a disease in itself, may be caused by inflammation of the simple in the respiratory tract upper, such as colds and sore throat or tonsillitis, and is usually easy and go away within a few days or may be coughing due to allergies "Asthma" or infection by viruses and bacteria, "pneumonia" and the treatment by reason.