[Source: Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health, full page in Arabic: (LINK). Automatic translation.]

MERS-CoV, Saudi Arabia: MoH confirms three new cases, total 117 with 49 deaths so far

(October 1 2013)

In the framework of the epidemiological investigation and ongoing follow-up carried out by the Ministry of Health for Novel Coronavirus that causes Middle East respiratory syndrome, Ministry announces the registration of three new cases of infection in Riyadh.

The First case is a 79 year old citizen, suffering from several chronic diseases, and ? of confirmed cases, and receives the necessary attention.

The second case is a 14 year old, contact of a confirmed case, too, and experiencing symptoms of a simple and health status is stable.

The third case is a 45 year old citizen, ? to a confirmed case, suffering from chronic diseases, and receiving care.