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Saudi Arabia - Media report that a hospital doctor, 67, died September 5 of nCoV coronavirus in Medina

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  • Saudi Arabia - Media report that a hospital doctor, 67, died September 5 of nCoV coronavirus in Medina

    machine translation

    «City»: «Corona» Sudanese kills doctor
    Musleh rain - Medina
    Friday, September 6, 2013
    Doctor Sudanese died at the age of 67 years yesterday evening Pfyrus wounds' Corona '. And the transfer of a doctor from the hospital Hinakiyah which works out to the intensive care unit in a hospital in a Medina, reported the initial diagnosis to him that he suffers from a syndrome acute respiratory, and his ill during his intensive care, until he died recently, and found that the causes of death due to his Vairose pulmonary inflammation (Corona) in addition to suffering from diabetes.
    With subjected to 'health city' 45 doctors from his colleagues work to doctor tests, which confirmed the safety of all of 'virus'.
    The Sudanese doctor is the second injury, which records in the Medina area, as previously announced by the Ministry of Health injury resident Balvyrus. The bedroom was evacuated at King Fahd Hospital in the city


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    Re: Saudi Arabia - Media report that a hospital doctor, 67, died September 5 of nCoV coronavirus in Medina

    The age is different in this article by a significant amount. I do not know if there is a typo in one of the articles, or this is a 2nd dead Sudanese doctor at the same hospital in Medina?

    machine translation

    Details Of The Death Of Sudanese Doctor Salah Al Hamidi Disease (Corona) In Saudi Arabia
    09-09-2013 04:00 PM
    Revealed Mr. Kamal Qusi new details about the death of the doctor Sudan, Saudi Arabia, died virus (CK).
    said: died, Dr. Salah Al Hamidi-old (45) years of Sudanese nationality, having been infected with Corona, which اسعف on down to the
    hospital Hinakiyah which works out There are, after tests and a first for the case was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit Hospital, one of Medina.

    As pointed out by some Saudi newspapers to be a result of the initial diagnosis of Dr. Salah Ahmed Alahmoudi he suffers from a syndrome acute respiratory, and his condition worsened during his intensive care, that the word his last breath.
    For his part, lamented Mr. Kamal Mahmoud Qusi son aunt of the late Dr. Salah said: eye tears and the heart grieves And, surely, Vrack to Mahznin How I wish sincerely to God Almighty to Atqublk well received and admit you rest in peace with the saints and martyrs and those are the companion.
    added: It was for me brother, lover soon to the heart and was a human being polite and has a morality and literature gm to Aakabl people only Hasha Pasha face Abbouh smiling polite with a face that is Salah Al Hamidi man religious الخلوق bar باخوته and his family.
    and move: Since Svolth was Nabga and ahead of his peers and I was then time Aspgah number of years that we met and we met through at the elementary level where it was in the third grade while I was in the sixth grade and it was an example of literature and ethics.
    and his term school? He said: As I said in the context of the approach has been honored more than once for excellence and genius academic How many times Karam in addition to excellence in literature and respect.
    continued Qusi: Throughout the period of study and continued Dr. Salah Al Hamidi superiority and his genius and success until he graduated from medical school and became a doctor distinctive referred to as stigmatized . About hospitals that work out in Sudan before it tightens travel to Saudi Arabia? He said: He worked in several hospitals in Khartoum and then go to City Hospital Dongola his belief in providing medical service characteristic of man there is his hometown and a hotbed Abbae remained staffed for years and years motive tax affiliation tirelessly.
    And Abizaid: Behold, I Opkyk brother Salah for youth who we lost Opkyk For Vrack will graciously Date Bmthelk, behold, I miss you because I will not SEE YOU Enjoy بحديثك Azab again there Dehketak still تجلجل in my ears. Do not forget your comments sarcastic smart extracted by the smile of the lips, and I know you're planning, and strive to create a bright future bright for your children and Aghtrapk However, in order to provide them with the future and thus Mthelk in Sudan rare you migrated to Oman and Saudi Arabia, which overflowed the soul to the maker and if God wants to There are various diverge your prayers for a day like this. I bear witness that God both عرفك shedding tears مدرارا.
    said in his influential: my brother Salah Gepk us death and dying right and for the first two and the last two and we are satisfied with the will of God, but Azawna beloved in that you have died minimum Ashraf and Akram spot on earth and pray you thousands of Muslims from all around the world in one of the best days on Friday kindergarten noble Medina was Moaratk rich Babakaa next to the owners and Ahbab beloved by the best prayer and peace. Venm Blessed are you, my brother this injustice then you are to what you folks to do so. God bless my brother and darling and my friend Salah Mohamed Hamidi. And God انزلك status saints and martyrs and ask him come down to us and the bereaved spouse and your children, your brothers and your friends and everyone who has to onion or knowledge of beautiful patience and fortitude Vafiqd very gravely missed and God and to Him we return. Khartoum: Siraj Naeem