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Health" escape denies patient "Corona" of King Fahd Hospital in the city
Ahmed Al Nahari - Medina
Friday, 08/30/2013
"Health" escape denies patient "Corona" of King Fahd Hospital in the city
The spokesman denied media to the Ministry of Health, Dr. Khaled Marghalani what تداولته some newspapers and electronic means of social communication about the escape of a Saudi citizen infected with Corona from King Fahd Hospital in Medina during the ready medical staff to transfer the patient to the isolation room ..
and came in the context of the news published that the medical staff did not find patient fugitive in his room is still being sought for the patient fugitive ..
Dr Marghalani not escape the patient is infected with Corona in the city, he said in response to the inquiry that he had been communicating with the Department of King Fahd Hospital in the city, which has shown that there is no patient Corona hospital in the period Current.
explained that there is a resident of irregular arrived to the hospital because of a car accident which injured a broken leg and had to leave the hospital before treatment is completed and the security authorities reinstatement within one hour only, and called Dr. Marghalani to visit the Ministry of Health-mail to follow the updates take place automatically to follow the evolution of disease and infected and cases deceased, pointing out that the Ministry of Health to deal with all the media with the utmost transparency to announce the results of injuries and definition in ways that prevention of infection and activate the role of awareness assigned to the Ministry of Health.
noteworthy that the Ministry of Health has announced the end of last week for the death of the first infection of the virus in Medina for someone at the age of 55 years, just 24 hours after the discovery of his Corona virus while still subject Almkhalton and people close to the situation of the deceased to make tests after to make sure that contracting the virus.