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Report of novel coronavirus cases in Singapore is FALSE

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  • Report of novel coronavirus cases in Singapore is FALSE

    The sad thing is that the title of the false report should have been a clue, at least to those of us who follow Flublogia:

    Published Date: 2012-11-29 12:50:23
    Subject: PRO/AH/EDR> Novel coronavirus - Saudi Arabia (19): Singapore: NOT
    Archive Number: 20121129.1430397

    A ProMED-mail post
    ProMED-mail is a program of the
    International Society for Infectious Diseases

    Date: Thu 29 Nov 2012
    From: Joanne Tay <> [edited]

    MOH Singapore's Notice
    The Ministry of Health Singapore would like to clarify that there are no cases of novel coronavirus in Singapore, as erroneously reported in the press release titled "Five New Cases of SARS-like Virus Bring Total to Seven, Prompting Calls for Immediate Trials of New Synthetic Replikin Vaccine SARS2012" (distributed by PR Newslink and eReleases).

    Please refer to the MOH Singapore website at for official updates on the current situation.

    Dr Joanne Tay
    Deputy Director
    Surveillance and Response Branch
    Communicable Diseases Division
    Ministry of Health Singapore

    [ProMED-mail thanks Dr Tay and the Singapore MOH for this clarification of an erroneous media report. - Mod.LM]