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In Zacatecas 37 deaths from Influenza, one of them a child of three years

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  • In Zacatecas 37 deaths from Influenza, one of them a child of three years

    Zacatecas, Zac-Raul Estrada Day, director of the health services of Zacatecas (SSZ), reported that deaths from Influenza en Fresnillo are three - two women from 55 to 72 years of age and a 40-man, while in the capital are two deaths (both 46 and 61 female); While Jalpa recorded the death of a 46-year-old woman and a three-year-old boy, in to give to know the behavior of the Influenza A H1N1 in Zacatecas, to the Court on January 24, Estrada Day pointed out that it has been studied, with sample, a total of 434 patients.Of this figure, responsible for public health in Zacatecas, continued 75 cases have been positive to Influenza, of which 69 correspond to H1N1, five cases to the type B virus, and the remaining to the virus type A H3N2.Then, Estrada Day mentioned that in this 2014 are already 69 positive Influenza A H1N1 cases accumulated so far in the State.

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    Re: In Zacatecas seven deaths from Influenza, one of them a child of three years

    111 confirmed flu cases and 12 deaths from this disease

    Raul Estrada Day, director-general of the health services of Zacatecas (SSZ), reported that until Wednesday January 29, 111 accumulated and confirmed flu cases are reported.To update the information in the 2013-2014 season, the State official said that there have been 12 deaths: eight in the SSZ, three in the IMSS and one at the ISSSTE.The deaths have occurred in Fresnillo and Zacatecas, with four each; two in Guadeloupe, and one in Nochistl?n and Jalpa.Estrada Day stressed that prevention and early intervention are key to combating the diseases of the winter season, therefore urged the population to continue to apply preventive measures.He explained that they have been municipalities of Fresnillo, Guadalupe, Loreto and the capital which have the highest number of cases of influenza, with aggregate of 82, representing 73.8%


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      Re: In Zacatecas 12 deaths from Influenza, one of them a child of three years

      SSZ confirm death of a student from influenza

      Zacatecas.-during this winter season, the health services of Zacatecas (SSZ) have confirmed the death of a child from influenza A/H1N1 and discusses other case in Fresnillo, which led to the temporary closure of a roster of initial education.Jaime Zavala Moreno, director of public health of the SSZ, reported that last week died in Nochistl?n an elementary student, that he was 10 years old.He explained that the child suffered from asthma and had a history of having put the vaccine against this virus.The SSZ investigated also the death of an infant in an educational centre of El Mineral,, to confirm or rule out whether he died from influenza A/H1N1.


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        Re: In Zacatecas 12 deaths from Influenza, one of them a child of three years

        27 deaths for influenza

        Zacatecas, 13 Feb. (Notimex) .-In the state it increased to 27 the number of deceases registered because of the influenza A (H1N1), reported the director of the Services of Health of Zacatecas (SSZ), Ra?l Estrada Day.

        The state official recounted that from January 1 until February 12, in Zacatecas 228 cases of influenza have registered.

        The Sector Health of the entity has studied thousand 181 patients, of whom 591 correspond to the feminine sex and 590 to the masculine one, the state official indicated.

        From 228 positive cases to influenza, 198 correspond to A (H1N1), which 86.8 per cent represent, he said.

        Of 27 deaths for influenza, 18 correspond to patients attended by the SSZ; seven for the IMSS and two for the Institute of Security and Social Services of the Workpeople of the State (ISSSTE), expressed.

        In accordance with the updated information, the distribution of the positive cases for group of age shows that 78 of them correspond to persons between 30 and 49 years, continued by the group from 50 to 64, with 35 cases.


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          Re: In Zacatecas 27 deaths from Influenza, one of them a child of three years

          28 die for influenza in Zacatecas

          Zacatecas, Mexico (February 14, 2014) .-
          Ra?l Estrada Day, general manager of the Services of Health of Zacatecas (SSZ), informed that the number of deaths for influenza A H1N1 in the entity raised 28 .'Respecto to deaths, the behavior at state level indicates that a whole of 28 has been accumulated, the services of Health of the State have registered 18 deceases, 8 the IMSS and 2 the ISSSTE ', he informed Road Day.


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            Re: In Zacatecas 28 deaths from Influenza, one of them a child of three years

            36 Deaths from influenza: offer booking of medicine to individual patients

            From 1 January to 22 February 2014, have been confirmed in 278 cases of Influenza positive with 36 deaths, Raul Estrada Day, owner of the Health Services of Zacatecas (SSZ).

            In accordance with the last cut, 192 cases correspond to the SSZ, 65 and 21 to the IMSS ISSSTE. With regard to the deaths, 21 have occurred in the SSZ, 13 in the IMSS and 2 in the ISSSTE. In regard to the high demand that have had at a national level the antiviral medications, Estrada Day he mentioned that will be making use of the strategic reserve state to expand care for the patients of private medicine. These medications will be available to the population in 12 pharmacies La Zacatecana medical units for the SSZ.



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              Re: In Zacatecas 36 deaths from Influenza, one of them a child of three years

              37 Deaths from influenza in Zacatecas

              Zacatecas.- In the period from January 1 to February 26 have accumulated and positive confirmed 281 cases of Influenza, of which, 246 correspond to A/H1N1, as well as 37 deaths, said Raul Estrada Day, director general of Health Services of Zacatecas (SSZ). The municipalities of Fresnillo, Guadalupe, Zacatecas, and Loreto are those who have submitted the largest number of cases, with 93, 60, 42 and 15, respectively. "Of the total number of cases, 193 have been cared for by the SSZ; 66 by the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) and 22 by the Institute for Security and Social Services for State employees (ISSSTE) ", spoke about the state official.