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59 Deaths from influenza A-H1N1 in Veracruz

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  • 59 Deaths from influenza A-H1N1 in Veracruz

    The death of two older adults and a minor are the deaths that the Secretariat of Health of Veracruz supports have been registered to cauda of influenza A virus H1N1, this was confirmed by the owner of the area, Juan Antonio Nemi Dib. However, the state official refused to say that municipalities in the state were recorded the deaths with the objective to avoid suspicions.

    Nemi Dib recommended to the population do not self-medicate. They feel a little 'flu influenza and then they take or to calm the cold and that passes, hide the symptoms of influenza', he said.

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    It raises to 20 the dead persons for influenza in the state

    The Secretary of Health confirmed that the number of deaths rose up to 20 for influenza in the state of Veracruz in the last days, because there keep on presenting more cases of the illness, proper of the winter period.

    The holder of the dependency, Fernando Ben?tez Obeso, pointed out that up to the moment there are had detected more than 200 cases of this suffering in different zones of the state.

    Meanwhile, there go more than 48 cases of chikungunya and zero death for the latter suffering.

    ? Of chikungunya already take 48 cases in the state, of these there are zero death, also we have 200 cases of influenza, with 20 deaths ?.


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      Increase to 59 deaths from influenza in Veracruz

      In the last two weeks increased from 20 to 59 deaths from influenza in the state of Veracruz and 4 cases in state territory zika confirmed the head of the Ministry of Health Fernando Benitez Obeso.En interview the state official said that the changes drastic temperature and not be met on time and chronic diseases conjugated with influenza, generated these 59 deaths. "today they are 59 deaths from influenza in the state," confirmed the doctor who reiterated that as increase temperatures , influenza tends to disminuir.Asimismo, he acknowledged that according to the most recent cut in the state of Veracruz counts with a record of 4 cases of zika which occur in women.