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Confirmed 17 deaths from influenza H1N1 in Tlaxcala

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  • Confirmed 17 deaths from influenza H1N1 in Tlaxcala

    Tlaxcala.- The Secretary of Health, Jesus Fragoso Sanchez confirmed the death of a person by influenza H1N1 in the entity Tlaxcalteca and added that there are nine more cases of people who have the disease. In an interview, the official commented that fences have been installed health in the municipalities of San Pablo del Monte and Calpulalpan which are the entries to the entities federarias of Puebla and Mexico State. He stressed that there are two cases - of the nine cases - that are found in intensive therapy, by what is 'redouble efforts to prevent more cases and therefore, it is necessary to protect oneself'. In restarting the program organised by the Health in your community, the Health secretary, Jesus Fragoso Bernal, urged the citizenship to apply the vaccine titer, already reported that has been submitted increase in the number of cases detected as suspects in people between 35 to 65 years.

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    Re: Confirmed death from influenza H1N1 in Tlaxcala

    Tlaxcala reported 6 new deaths from influenza

    In the last week in Tlaxcala six deaths were reported more closely related to the influenza virus, so that added 10 from December 1 to the current date, of the confirmed cases the figure rose from 22 to more than 50.official sources reported that despite this situation, Has not yet been established epidemiological alert and continue the prevention and control measures in Tlaxcalan territory. The Ministry of Health had confirmed 22 cases of seasonal influenza, however in the last seven days were reported at least 30 more. While the deaths had been four and in the last week there were six more.It is expected that in the next few minutes the Secretariat of Health in the entity issuing the weekly report with specific figures around the current panorama of influenza in Tlaxcala.

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      Re: Confirmed 10 deaths from influenza H1N1 in Tlaxcala

      Rises to 14 number of deaths from influenza in Tlaxcala

      The Ministry of Health (SESA) confirmed that rose to fourteen the number of deaths from influenza, while pointing out that there is entity in the Tlaxcalteca, a total of 96 cases that are continuously monitored by the health sector. It is worth mentioning that the deceased persons are not vaccinated, had some disease database or belonged to a group of risk, also came to seek the medical attention 48 hours after symptoms. Faced with this situation the Ministry of Health called on the population to Tlaxcalan does not neglect their health before the abrupt changes in temperature, and recalled that the winter season has not yet finished, therefore should not be let down their guard.


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        Re: Confirmed 14 deaths from influenza H1N1 in Tlaxcala

        17 Deaths from influenza in Tlaxcala

        The Ministry of Health confirmed that Tlaxcala occupied the place said at the national level with more cases of influenza virus, when accounting for 17 deaths...