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seven cases of A H1N1 in Tlaxcala

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  • seven cases of A H1N1 in Tlaxcala

    TLAXCALA (29/DIC/2011) .-The Secretary of Health of Tlaxcala confirmed seven cases of influenza A H1N1 and the possible death of a person because of the illness. The holder of the dependency, Jes?s Fragoso Bernal, revealed that at present there are 260 suspicious cases that are being analyzed for his assertion. It detailed that the sector health has implemented monitorings of epidemiologic alertness in all the centers of health and hospitals of the Entity, from what the operative personnel did not enjoy the holiday period. Of seven cases five are men and two women and ? some of them ? were already given of discharge of the treatment, which lasts 10 days, although it evaded specifying the number.

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    Re: seven cases of A H1N1 in Tlaxcala translation

    The state keeps only two patients hospitalized
    5 H1N1 infected; rule out 260 cases
    The Federation asks Sesa 3 000 doses of influenza vaccine.

    12.30.2011 ? Puebla

    In a surprising way, the Ministry of Health of Tlaxcala (Sesa) reported that they were discharged five of the seven patients infected with the H1N1 virus, and 260 cases classified as suspects were discarded in its entirety.

    And is that a few hours of the health sector responsible for the
    entity, Jesus Bernal Fragoso, announced the number of confirmed cases of influenza AHN1N1 and cumulative number of suspected cases of the months of November and December, said this afternoon that "even if they were ruled not to say that no new" meaning that in a few hours would have been virtually eliminated the presence of the virus with only two infected patients who remain hospitalized.

    Also emphasized the seriousness with which the state agency handles for "confirmation or otherwise of H1N1 influenza cases, they have a policy and procedure, the results obtained after a clinical analysis by the National Institute of Epidemiological Reference ( Indre) ".

    Meanwhile, the owner of the Sesa revealed that patients suspected and confirmed cases, "the treatment was applied with a duration of 10 days, therefore when it is confirmed or not Influenza AH1N1 case, the patient was practically treatment and without further complications can be rehabilitated and poses no threat or source of infection for the population. "

    Separately, the link epidemiology of Sesa, Jos? Francisco Mauricio Garcia, said that among the factors that allowed the spread of 7 people with the H1N1 virus being overweight, chronic-degenerative diseases, and have dropped their guard on measures hygiene, mainly.

    Also announced that the Sesa Federation requested the supply of vaccines against influenza, with 3 000 doses, likewise confirmed that 135 000 have been applied doses.

    Mauricio Garcia urged people to remain vigilant in the implementation of hygiene measures such as the use mouth covers, hand sanitizer and coughing or sneezing cover your mouth with a tissue or your elbow angle, one should not spit in public places.


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      Re: seven cases of A H1N1 in Tlaxcala

      Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala. - Five of seven cases of human influenza A-H1N1 attended and watched by the Secretary of Health (Sesa) in Tlaxcala were already given of discharge without any complication, and 260 suspicious piled up cases have been discarded from November until the date, there revealed yesterday the holder of the dependency, Jes?s Fragoso Bernal, after only 24 hours of his reporting. He clarified that " although the suspicious cases should have been discarded, he does not want to say that they should not register new "; for such a motive, the epidemiologic alertness continues on the part of the authorities of health in the state.
      Of course, once again the official emphasized that the secretaries of federal Health, Salom?n Chertorivski, of the state of Tlaxcala, Jes?s Fragoso Bernal, are the only authorities with the normative faculty to announce official numbers of confirmed or suspicious cases of influenza A-H1N1.

      Craggy Bernal emphasized the seriousness with which the state authorities are fulfilling the epidemiologic alertness, as well as the information towards the citizenship, " since the assertion or not of the cases of influenza A-H1N1 they take a regulation and a procedure ". " We obtain the results after a clinical analysis on the part of the National Institute of Epidemiologic Reference ", it exhibited. He told that the results of these studies are obtained in between five and seven days, " but we do not wait for ourselves for this, when we have a suspicious case we are provided with a protocol and continue it ", he mentioned.