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Monitor progress of A/H5N1 SS

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  • Monitor progress of A/H5N1 SS

    Monitor progress of A/H5N1 SS
    Fri, 27 Oct 2010 7:48:00

    Jose Gregorio Aguilar

    The Ministry of Health, Tamaulipas (SST) is prepared to deal with the emergence of influenza A/H5N1.
    The state epidemiologist Alfredo Rodr?guez Trujillo said the risk is growing every day by the increase in cases in Asian countries.

    However, the A/H5N1 virus has not yet generated major health problems in other countries because there is not transmitted from person to person.

    The SST is reviewing strategies set in motion when the H1N1 virus caused the epidemic in Mexico appear to act when the first cases of new variant of influenza.

    In fact, the official reported that he attended as a representative of the Tamaulipas Secretariat of Health to participate in a binational conference in Weslaco, Texas, which addressed the issue of influenza and respiratory diseases that multiply in cold weather, with to share experiences, plans and projects to meet these conditions more effectively.

    Mexico and Tamaulipas as a state noted for the early detection and diagnosis of patients, and the availability of medicines.

    "They were also the clinical aspects of each case we detected and the behavior and case management in intensive care patients."

    On the school also employed a well-defined strategy starting with the installation of filters and application of gel at the entrances to the campus and the isolation of students who may have suspicious symptoms.

    The theme of the A/H5N1 virus was approached by Alfredo Rodr?guez Trujillo in this binational conference organized by the County of Hidalgo.
    The compromise, as a preventive measure is to continue to monitor the behavior of influenza, for which also increase the study of patients with respiratory syndrome.

    "We are in a pre-pandemic phase and the possibility of the virus to replicate," he said.
    The A/H5N1 virus is more dangerous, and like most avian viruses usually generates a very serious problem to the population.
    The Head of the Epidemiology Department of the State hoped that the experience that the Health Department had with the H1N1 influenza will enable a better response to potential patients, "because if necessary, the activities we would do in relation to virus / H5 would be similar to those made with A/H1. "