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Tamaulipas Vaccination A/H1N1

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  • Tamaulipas Vaccination A/H1N1

    A vaccine against H1N1 apply in Tamaulipas
    A woman seven months pregnant was the first to receive the dose

    Roberto Aguilar / Correspondent
    El Universal
    Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas Friday November 27, 2009
    With seven months pregnant, Ms. Sheyla Hernandez Mier was the first person who received the vaccine against influenza A H1N1 in Tamaulipas, which in a first batch reached 12 thousand 800 doses.

    After her vaccines were applied to medical personnel in the area of General Hospital intensive care "Norberto Trevi?o" in this capital.

    The director of Prevention and Health Protection, Luis Fernando Garza Frausto, said that the doses already distributed in all the medical areas of the state and apply to more than three thousand 500 doctors that are located in the areas of emergency and intensive care, and women who are in their third trimester of pregnancy.

    "With this first batch of vaccine will benefit more than three thousand 500 health workers and an average of nine thousand 200 women who are in the third trimester of pregnancy, and it is expected that the first day of December, count with another percentage to be applied to children aged 6 to 23 months of age and considered high-risk population, "said Garza.

    To date amount to two thousand 200 patients with the disease in Tamaulipas and 17 people have died.


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    Re: Tamaulipas Vaccination A/H1N1

    Second batch of influenza vaccines arrive in 7 days
    The health secretary, John William Mansur Arzola stated that the doses expected for December 7 will serve to continue to vaccinate pregnant women.

    Mon, 30/11/2009 - 20:05
    Ciudad Victoria .- Until December 7, the Health Sector in Tamaulipas receive its second batch of influenza vaccines.

    Juan Guillermo Mansur Arzola revealed that there is no reduction in the total number of doses you receive from the federation Tamaulipas.

    They point out that they are coming in batches, but will ultimately be the 300 thousand that were announced several weeks ago.

    As of today have reached 12 thousand 810, 7 thousand more arrive in a week.

    Arzola Mansur indicated that the doses expected for December 7 will serve to continue to vaccinate pregnant women which has registration in the state that has at least 50 mil.

    He said the delay of the vaccine was due because the federal Health Ministry did not receive 100 percent of expected, which is why states will be sending them in batches.

    Health Secretary reiterated that the vaccine is effective in fighting disease and denied that to this day on record of secondary reactions in people who already were vaccinated.

    Juan Antonio Rodriguez Mora


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      Re: Tamaulipas Vaccination A/H1N1

      Vaccination against A (H1N1) is half
      Tamaulipas. Contrary to what was expected, doctors and pregnant women are not going to receive their flu shot. Come the second batch: 7 thousand doses for children and seniors.

      Tue, 08/12/2009 - 08:43

      The inoculation was applied two weeks statewide. Photo: Julio NeveroVictoria .- There goes the population to be vaccinated against human influenza, the Health Ministry announced that even 50 percent of the doses have been applied, contrary to what was previously thought, said state secretary John William Mansur Arzola.

      The Tamaulipas Secretariat of Health of long lines expected at medical centers from 26 last November when it reached the first set of vaccines against human influenza, but it's going well.

      "Definitely we expected larger patient ranks requesting the vaccine but has not been the case, however, we are continuously implementing the human influenza vaccine," he said.

      Manzur Arzola, admitted that there is apathy medical personnel to hospitals and clinics in the State and Federation of the vaccine for influenza A, but discarded reluctance among staff.

      He added that pregnant women's attitude is the same as the 9 thousand 200 programmed only half have gone.

      "For medical staff there is no resistance, there is some apathy that is not right, and in the case of pregnant women waited in long lines seeking the vaccine was applied but only 50 per cent for this sector of the population," said .

      Of the nearly 13 thousand doses that arrived 12 days ago, has been implemented only 50 percent of the population refusing the application of the vaccine has been evident.

      Yet the Ministry of Health recommends, above all, to members of the groups at highest risk who come to be vaccinated.
      And said he was confident that this week will finish applying the first dose group who sent the Federal Health Secretariat.

      At just over 6 thousand doses remaining in the first shipment will add 7 thousand that the Secretariat expected for Monday, but that will arrive in coming days and will be applied to children under 5 years and elderly people.

      Arzola Mansur reported that to date have been detected 2 thousand and 135 cases of influenza continues in 17 deaths from the disease and ruled that two people, one of Matamoros and Reynosa, another died this weekend, have lost their lives because A virus H1N1, after it was speculated on the possibility that the death toll could have been increased to 19. J. Antonio Rodriguez / MMTV


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        Re: Tamaulipas Vaccination A/H1N1

        Health officials get A H1N1 vaccine
        December 19, 2009 (13:26:33)

        Victoria, Tamaulipas .- Less than four hours were sufficient for high level officials and bureaucrats in the Ministry of Health 200 exhausted Human Influenza vaccines, which opens the application period for all workers, estimated 8 thousand , of which 50 percent met and the other half.

        Literally flew doses of vaccine since it was installed this weekend on the campus of the institution located on the 17th Bravo of this city, nurse reported the Number One Health Jurisdiction, Mirna Lara Reyes.

        The example for vaccination against influenza A H1N1 and encourage people to put him inject the high level officials of the Secretariat, including the director of Prevention and Health Protection, Luis Fernando Garza Frausto and deputy director of Health Reproductive Alfredo Lopez de Leon.

        After digesting the dose twice, (anti Human Influenza and Seasonal) Garza Frausto reported that aim to strengthen the vaccination campaign in the state.

        "In this case it is winter, if we remember about a month ago he began walking the A H1N1 influenza vaccination in hospitals, the initial dose for pregnant women arrived just the second and third quarters and Health staff emergency areas and intensive therapy, "he said.

        "They were the first 13 thousand doses that reached the state, then continue to arrive and at this stage as you open the group was what the Health staff but all staff in that group who are staff who are at risk," abounded .

        He noted that to date nearly 4 thousand workers of the Ministry of Health have been vaccinated against the H1N1 epidemic, with a total of 8 mil.


        Like the rest of the country in Tamaulipas frequency of human influenza cases decreased in recent days acknowledged the Secretary of Health in Tamaulipas Arzola Juan Guillermo Manzur.

        He stated that to date total about one thousand 500 cases in the state, well below the average expected based on the statistics and the resurgence of the epidemic.

        According to official forecasts said they expected at least seven thousand cases per month of December, but fortunately added far fewer, about one thousand 500.

        "Compared to other entities in which the media did not contribute to truthfully inform the public about this evil, in Tamaulipas of the support it gave to the secretariat of the media representatives to stop the disease," he praised.

        Finally stressed recently that are not victims to mourn for the rebound to epidemic and the number of deaths remains at 17.


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          Re: Tamaulipas Vaccination A/H1N1

          Health Installs 50 points vaccination

          Fri, 01 Jan 2010 06:39:00

          Benito Lopez Diaz

          For the winter season the Ministry of Health in the State opened 30 new posts vaccination, seasonal influenza A/H1N1, adding 20 others already had in Tamaulipas.

          The director of Prevention and Health Protection Luis Fernando Garza Frausto said this and said the move was made to meet the contingency because epidemiological and get more doses.

          "Normally we were 20 strategic positions between hospitals and health centers jurisdictions will increase some more posts, we will have around 50 posts across the state, where they will be applying the biological winter season," he said.

          "It is intended that remains the influenza A H1N1 vaccine for pregnant women, the seasonal influenza vaccine for children six months to three years and for adults over 60 years," he said.

          He said health officials in such positions also applies antineumoc?cia vaccine for infants under one year and over sixty years.

          The whole picture of the three vaccines, said mainly serve to protect the health of vulnerable groups among the population at risk by falling temperatures in winter.

          He cautioned the public that winter is conducive to influenza infection in any of its variations, both seasonal and H1N1.

          Invited vulnerable people to go to about 50 posts to apply the respective vaccination doses to prevent virus infections.


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            Re: Tamaulipas Vaccination A/H1N1

            IMSS apply antiinfluenza 332 thousand vaccine
            The regional delegate of the IMSS, Jesus Nader Nasrallah, said the doses will arrive at different stages in Tamaulipas, so the vaccination campaign, which began last December, will last until next March.

            Tue, 02/02/2010 - 11:26

            Implementation will be done simultaneously at the seven hospitals and 45 units of Family Medicine. Photo: Julio NeveroReynosa .- The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) apply during the first quarter of 332 thousand vaccines against influenza A (H1N1) in Tamaulipas, including the general population of dependents who request it.

            The regional delegate of the IMSS, Jesus Nader Nasrallah, said the doses will arrive at different stages in Tamaulipas, so the vaccination campaign, which began last December, will last until next March.

            He explained that since January 20 launched the second phase of the vaccination campaign against human influenza virus, with the application of 27 thousand 50 doses to be allocated to vulnerable segments of the general population and dependents who request it.

            Nader Nasrallah said the application of the vaccine will be made simultaneously in the seven hospitals and 45 family medicine units (FMU) of the six areas that make up the delegation.

            "They are applying the vaccine to pregnant women with three or more months of pregnancy, the elderly, children aged six months, those who suffer from chronic, degenerative disease and gradually open to the public include" Vazquez said.

            He explained that the first phase started on 1 December last year, when he applied most of the eight thousand 500 vaccines to medical and administrative staff who have direct contact with beneficiaries and some of the patients who were in the first quarter of pregnancy.