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    Re: Tamaulipas: Cases

    After the cold temperatures that have occurred in recent days, the Ministry of Health envisages an increase in cases of influenza, both seasonal and AH1N1 therefore urge the general public to apply such vaccines.
    V?ctor Manuel Garc?a Fuentes, head of the Health Jurisdiction III, said the months of January and February are considered critical for these two conditions, with the cold weather that occurs in this period.
    We have enough vaccine doses for both diseases, so the appeal is mainly to apply it under 36 months of age, elderly people and pregnant women, as in any period, he said.
    But it also will be applying a dose of seasonal influenza in general people who so wish, because although AH1N1 not prevent influenza, seasonal prevents and helps to prevent the former, he said.
    The head of the Health Jurisdiction III, said the death rate from this disease has been very low, as confirmed only have two, so it is important to continue the prevention and the number of cases.
    Garc?a Fuentes, completed doses of vaccine are being implemented in all health centers, Mexican Social Security Institute, ISSSTE, general hospital, and is completely free, so it will apply.


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      Re: Tamaulipas: Cases

      Low status in cases of A/H1N1

      Wed, 13 Jan 2010 06:15:00

      Jose Gregorio Aguilar

      Tamaulipas dropped from fourth to 14th place in relation to the number of confirmed cases of influenza A/H1N1 Cases, Alfredo Rodr?guez Trujillo reported.

      The head of the Department of Epidemiology found that the disease is in decline, because the behavior of cases is stable.

      "When we had a health emergency in May we were placed fourth, but as time passed we passed the place 14. That speaks to the success of prevention measures, but also the positive impact it has had the vaccination campaign.

      The doctor reiterated that the H1N1 influenza is a disease that will always be present among human beings, but as time passes the effects of it will be less intense.

      The health sector is betting on immunization and in fact, the application of biological and extended to all staff working in the Ministry of Health.

      Apply the A/H1N1 virus vaccine to the rest of the population depend, he said, the biological availability and production capacity of European laboratories.

      Alfredo Rodr?guez Trujillo assured the shots that sent the Federal Ministry of Health to state will be applied in full, because people already conquered the fear of receiving the dose.

      "As a new biological, people were afraid to receive the dose, but now the situation is different. We have to continue doing advocacy and invitation for people to be vaccinated.

      Flu cases in Tamaulipas add two thousand 294 confirmed.


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        Re: Tamaulipas: Cases

        Two months without A/H1N1: Health
        14 Jan 2010 (11:34:31)

        1 - Epidemic loosens its way through Tamaulipas, and is under control

        Drafting / EnL?neaDIRECTA

        Victoria, Tamaulipas .- During the last months of last year and so far in 2010 there have been no reported cases of influenza A/H1N1 in Tamaulipas, said Undersecretary of Hospital Care Quality and Americo Anaya Villarreal.

        "It is under control. Practically we are saying the last two months have been very rare cases the determination of influenza A/H1N1 virus.

        Were there cases or not, human influenza in recent months as stated?, He was asked.
        "If there were some likely being considered by the laboratory, lack of confirmation from them, but we've had at some point ill patients or deaths have been confirmed by such viruses," he replied.
        He estimated that the incidence of the epidemic decreases every day, thanks to effective vaccination campaign carried out and the ability of doses have to control any regrowth.

        Regarding the activity of the 18 Health Hospital Units in Tamaulipas, said that according to their reports, 50 percent of care provided to patients with respiratory problems typical of the winter season.

        "There has been a substantial increase in upper respiratory problems, bronchitis, pneumonia was inside the hospital units we can say that almost 50 per cent of activities that are being made within such units are on this issue" .

        Anaya Villarreal said hospital capacity installed so far is sufficient to meet demand that occurs in health services.


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          Re: Tamaulipas: Cases

          Mon, 18/01/2010 - 19:05
          Ciudad Victoria .- Despite the low temperatures have been recorded in these winter season, human influenza A (H1N1) has remained stable, a situation that represents a break for health, said Health Secretary John William Mansur Tamaulipas Arzola.

          "Frankly down, the last two weeks were less than 50 diagnosed cases, the numbers are virtually the same as last year," said the official.

          The official report states that health is in this contingency has two thousand 271 patients treated and 17 deaths. The disease is a situation that is falling like acute respiratory diseases.

          "I think it is going down and acute respiratory diseases in spite of sudden temperature changes, we brought figures of 25 thousand to 28 thousand queries per week and in the last two weeks are below the 15 thousand patients treated for diseases breathing.

          Tamaulipas He disclosed that currently has 57 thousand doses of vaccine, but only apply to vulnerable patients.

          Arzola Mansur reported that a vaccine against human influenza virus is not yet available in pharmacies as they unveiled the federal government, and by the time it will be sold only at the center of the country.

          Victor Mu?iz / MMTV


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            Re: Tamaulipas: Cases

            Detected more cases of influenza A H1N1
            ? Even lower the incidence of this health problem

            By Ruben Hernandez Olmeda

            Although the incidence of influenza A H1N1 has been declining in recent weeks, are still detected in this region and new suspected cases of this disease even positive, as reported by health authorities.
            Until last weekend, according to official statistics, there were 300 cases reported and confirmed positive, of which 280 are for the town of Reynosa, Rio Bravo 17 to two in Diaz Ordaz and one in Camargo.
            "The number of probable cases discovered amounts to 1.088," as reported by the chief court of Health, Alfonso Saenz Mario Salinas, who urged the general public "not to let their guard down at any time although cases have been declining .


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              Re: Tamaulipas: Cases

              In January, 41 cases of influenza A H1N1 in Tamaulipas

              The state epidemiologist Alfredo Rodr?guez Trujillo, said it is currently 60 suspected cases in all in Tamaulipas

              11/02/2010 | Updated at 17:51 pm
              ?Confirm death by a student at UAT AH1N1 Influenza
              Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas .-After confirming the first fatal case of the year by the influenza virus AH1N1 student at the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas and Worker Education Secretary in 39 years who lives by the name of Juan Ramon Hernandez Aguilar, the state epidemiologist Alfredo Rodr?guez Trujillo confirmed 41 cases of influenza during the month of January.

              He also said that during the month of December 2009 were confirmed and treated 56 patients with influenza A virus H1N1, adding that it is currently 60 suspected cases statewide.

              Rodriguez Trujillo Ciudad Victoria reported that four people have died from the virus infected and 14 in the rest of the state since the beginning of the epidemic in April 2009.

              He denied that the virus strain has mutated and has already taken preventive measures so no classes will be suspended at the university and that from today we begin the vaccination of students and workers of the SET


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                Re: Tamaulipas: Cases

                17 sick and domestic influenza pneumonia at 71
                February 15, 2010 (13:03:42)

                1 - In 2010 a person has died from influenza

                Lupita Alvarez / DIRECT Online

                Victoria, Tamaulipas .- The long winter has left a balance; 17 patients and one person died from influenza A H1N1 and 74 cases of pneumonia of whom 7 patients are still hospitalized, five of them in serious condition.

                Interviewed this morning, during the ceremony Pledge of Allegiance, the Secretary of Health in Tamaulipas, William Mansour Arzola warned that low temperatures will continue to record foster pneumonia cases.

                "Of the 71 people present in the various state hospitals, five patients have severe and will continue to have pneumonia patients," predicted the head of the Ministry of Health in the state.

                The state official advised parents not to expose children and elderly people to changes in temperature. "Especially if the temperature drops five degrees that children leave the home," he said.

                He further stated that have applied the 70 percent of the 115 thousand human influenza vaccine and at least 10 of these doses are in the headquarters of the secretariat to meet emergencies.

                Finally, Mansour said the federation Arzola allocated resources for health item in the order of 85 million pesos, of which 40 per cent of these will be for salaries of workers, 30% for drugs, 20 % for health promotion and 10% for operation area hospitals


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                  Re: Tamaulipas: Cases

                  Die Another from influenza A/H1N1
                  The secretary of Health in Tamaulipas, Juan Guillermo Mansur Arzola, announced that the second death of this year, is de Soto La Marina, who suffered from hypertension and diabetes

                  By: Staff / HoyTamaulipas

                  The Note has been seen 134 times 22/02/2010 | Updated at 12:25 pm
                  Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas .-The number of deaths from influenza A/H1N1 virus was increased to 19 cases, according to information released the secretary of Health in Tamaulipas, Juan Guillermo Mansur Arzola.

                  He announced that the second death this year, is a diabetic woman in the municipality of Soto La Marina, who also had hypertension and diabetes.

                  Arzola Mansur ruled that there was another death from influenza, and said the case of the student in the Faculty of Law 23 years old only wants him to relate.

                  "There is a patient who died, the other patient who apparently want to qualify for influenza is influenza."
                  He announced that the case of the lady, admitted last month to the Civil Hospital but died yesterday, because of influenza A/H1N1 virus with complications of diabetes and hypertension.


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                    Re: Tamaulipas: Cases

                    Influenza remains stable in Tamaulipas

                    By Claudia Zapata Santiso / MetroNoticias
                    Cd Victoria Tamp .- The epidemic of Influenza A H1N1 remains stable in Tamaulipas and only have arisen in the past three weeks, one to three cases a day.

                    There have even been days when it is not reported any new infection with what the entity is held in the eleventh place nationally in incidence, as reported by the Ministry of Health of the Federal Government.

                    From that came the death of a student at the Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas, there are no reported serious cases of human influenza, contrary to the prediction that health authorities had announced the institution of up to 250 cases per day during the winter.

                    However, the branch secretary in the state, Juan Manzur Arzola said the population is apathetic to the vaccine, the same that is available in health centers.

                    He said over national health week which ended Friday, was able to implement a large number of immunizations, particularly in children under three years.

                    In addition, through institutions such as the Government, Municipalities and Autonomous University of Tamaulipas implemented a special program to vaccinate employees and in case of UAT students.

                    Thus progress was made in the implementation of the vaccine itself remaining lots sufficient to meet the demand of the population and thus overcome the epidemic to date in the state added 18 deaths.

                    Likewise, the state agency insisted on the recommendations to the public to avoid contagion and to maintain stable statistics such as constant hand washing, avoid greeting people sneeze or cough symptoms and label, among others.