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    Google translation:

    Two die from influenza and there are 24 suspected cases
    27 Apr 2009 (10:38:56)
    The governor, Eugenio Hernandez said that classes were suspended and massive events

    Lupita Alvarez / DIRECT Online

    Victoria, Tamaulipas .- After that Tamaulipas swine influenza has killed two people and infected another 24 probable, Governor Eugenio Hernandez Flores announced this morning that classes were suspended and the massive events.

    For the first time, Tamaulipas president gave a speech in honor of the event flag to be held in the forecourt of the building of the Institute for Housing and Urbanization Tamaulipan, ITAVU to call for calm to the population Tamaulipeca.

    "We will redouble our efforts to care for and protect the health of Tamaulipas," he said and added that after this event will meet with members of the State Board of Health to agree to establish preventive measures to prevent further infections.

    For its part, the director of Prevention and Health Promotion, Luis Fernando Garza Frausto said in an interview in Mexico there have been two deaths, although he clarified, only one of these has been confirmed that it was due to swine influenza.

    "We have two deaths in the Old and New Morelos, one of these came out negative." He commented further that are at least 10 suspected cases which are recorded in these two municipalities, as well as the Manta.

    "The mere fact that there are ten cases in one jurisdiction, the majority, eight of them are in the towns of Old and New Morelos is because this is a jurisdiction which is near San Luis Potosi," said.

    With regard to the 24 probable cases, Garza Frausto said that of these, the National Institute of Epidemiological Reference has confirmed only one while the rest are being reviewed.

    "We have six Caravan, 43 items were sent to the state, between doctors and nurses and these are multipurpose comprehensive review, house by house, is used to provide medical care and screening, yesterday there were about 80 patients, there were no new cases, "he said.

    Finally, he mentioned that besides the ancient towns of Morelos, Nuevo Morelos Mante and where, from the day classes were suspended, others where there are suspected cases of influenza virus are pigs, Reynosa, Ciudad Victoria and Tampico.

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    Re: Tamaulipas: 10 suspected cases of influenza in the south


    Google translation:
    Matamoros confirms death of a teacher as possible by swine influenza
    * It is said that a kindergarten teacher was killed by all the symptoms which is epidemic

    By Hugo Martinez / MetroNoticias
    Matamoros, Tamaulipas.-While the Secretary of Health in the state, Juan Miguel Arzola Mansur confirmed that Matamoros, there is a case of swine influenza, the head of the third health jurisdiction, V?ctor Garc?a Fuentes, and argues that it contradicts in Matamoros and Valle Hermoso, "everything is normal."

    However there is talk that a kindergarten teacher was killed by all the symptoms which is epidemic and whose case is being investigated for corroboration.

    Therefore met Marcos Puga Cantu, coordinator of the local regional SECUDE, confirming the death of the teacher, also said that he understood that the presenting symptoms were very similar to those of influenza, "I told his family and some teachers, that the picture was very similar but we must await the results. "

    For its part, Naif Hamscho the SNTE Coordinator Ibarra said that the subject was aware of the situation and that it had even discussed with Professor Mark Cantu, deciding that expected medical outcomes.

    Regarding the case as found in this border, it was said that this is a girl in sixth grade the Cologne Lucero.

    It should be noted that this afternoon, entered the hospital a woman and her son, both residents of the Valley Fraccionamiento Casa Blanca, with table similar to the flu swine influenza.[/B]


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      Re: Tamaulipas: 10 suspected cases of influenza in the south

      Source: [url] 20Victoria, Tam [/ url]

      Google translation:

      Increases to 48 suspected cases of swine influenza in Tamaulipas
      * 17 of which correspond to Reynosa, where so far the hardest hit town
      By Claudia Zapata / MetroNoticias

      Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas .- After the last meeting of the State Board of Health, reported that in the last 12 hours of suspected cases rose Swine Influenza in Tamaulipas to 48 more and an increase in municipalities with inhabitants who have flu symptoms treble.

      Juan Manzur Arzola breakdown the number of suspected cases of influenza as follows: 4 Old Morelos, Nuevo Morelos 5 Mante 2, Ciudad Madero 7, Tampico 3, Victoria 1, Soto la Marina 2, Hidalgo 1, Reynosa 17, Matamoros 3 , 1 Nuevo Laredo, Rio Bravo 3.

      He said that preventive measures were increased to 30 posts at strategic locations sentinels flow of people, were 12 thousand 500 and antivirals and vaccines will be delivered over one million covered mouths.

      The Health Secretary stressed that the flu is a disease one hundred percent curable if detected and treated, for which the government provided medicines and infrastructure to meet this emergency.


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        Re: Tamaulipas: Cases


        Recorded 29 patients suspected influenza in Tamaulipas
        After ruling out that the deceased person was infected in Mante human influenza, the Health Secretary of State, Juan Guillermo Manzur Arzola, said the emergency decreases, and only 29 patients hospitalized

        AP - After presiding over the meeting of the State Board of Health at the Government Palace said that the number of suspected cases of human influenza is 162, which speaks of a decline from the previous days, especially on 29 and 30 April, when there were 45 people hospitalized and 41, respectively.

        Said that until this Saturday it was believed that the person died in hospital in the municipality of Mante, identified as Celestino Alvarado Alvarado, aged 24, was the only case of human influenza, but tests showed otherwise.

        He stressed that although the situation tends to stabilize, the State Board of Health does not lower the guard and stay alert and to preventive measures and seeking necessary to pass the pending danger.

        He said that until the date of return to class and all the normal activities of government agencies has not changed, so reset the next six in May, with all the necessary health measures.

        Meanwhile, he stressed that the unit in charge of preparing a strategic plan to advance to face the stationary cases of influenza, which occur during the winter season.

        Regarding the lifting of the epidemiological alert for the epidemic of human influenza to be facing, the Health Secretary said that this decision will announce on Monday at the national meeting that will take the president Felipe Calder?n with the governors and the secretary of Health Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos.


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          Re: Tamaulipas: Cases


          Google translation:
          Tamaulipas governor declared a free Human Influenza
          5 May 2009 (07:34:31)

          - Recognizes a person dies, but from other causes.

          Gast?n Monge / EnL?neaDIRECTA

          Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas .- The governor of Tamaulipas, Eugenio Hern?ndez Flores, said the entity free from influenza, so in coordination with the secretaries of health and education, decided on Thursday to return to the school level students medium and higher, and until Monday the 11 basic education.

          He also said that to meet the contingency, the government invested 65 million pesos for the purchase of equipment, medicines, in the realization of operational and health related activities in the promotion of preventive measures for the population.

          During the meeting of the General Health Council, which met in this city in an extraordinary way, and attended by the secretaries of health Arzola Juan Guillermo Manzur, and education, Jos? Manuel Montelongo Asad, the president said at a press conference, which health during the contingency set, only one child died at 7 years of the mantle, but no causes that were for Influenza.

          He also acknowledged that the state's capital, Victoria, was the only positive case in the state, and that it was a less than 7 years in a satisfactory way to overcome the disease, he said.

          "This child is already in recovery and soon returned to school," said Hernandez Flores.

          However, he added that the disease damaged a very important and Tamaulipas in Mexico's economy and tourism, it said that the federal government allocated a special item to repair the economic damage caused by the disease.

          "There will be an additional support to our state to clean up our schools and to sensitize the population, and recommend it to people who return to their normal activities, but put aside the prevention,

          Thus, the president mentioned that the critical stage was over, he stressed that Tamaulipas is one of the states that reported no deaths from this cause, and said his government will continue to monitor airports, seaports and highways in where there are 100 established posts sentinels for the detection of possible disease.

          Hern?ndez Flores arrived in Nuevo Laredo after participating in the city of Mexico, at a governors' meeting with President Felipe Calder?n Hinojosa, and came accompanied by the secretaries of health and education, the secretary of economic development, Alfredo Gonzalez Hernandez, and the secretary of Section 30 of SNTE, Arnulfo Rodriguez, and the director of public transportation in the state.


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            Re: Tamaulipas: Cases


            Google translation:

            Discovered five new suspected cases of influenza in Tamaulipas
            Today 19:48 --


            Ciudad Victoria, 10 May (Notimex) .- The secretary of state Health, Juan Guillermo Arzola Mansur confirmed the detection of five new suspected cases of human influenza, bringing to 268 the date and amount.

            He said the new cases are found a Ciudad Victoria, two in Madero, one in Rio Grande and another in the town of Mante.

            He stated that most patients diagnosed as suspects are out of danger and recovering.

            He also assured that the Ministry of Education of Tamaulipas (SET) reported that all schools in the state level are clean and ready for the start of classes Monday.

            He said that kindergartens, nurseries, primary and secondary schools are sanitized and are already able to receive the students on the health requirements.

            However, established that citizenship should not be overlooked either guard down, because even though some decisions were taken at the national level, states like San Luis Potos?, Jalisco and Hidalgo were the need to defer entry to school until May 18.

            In the case of Tamaulipas, said that does not change the date of resumption of classes in the core level, because the health sector is in control and found a decrease in cases that have been submitted.

            Despite this, noted that Monday was the development of the resumption of classes in the afternoon and the State Board of Health will assess the percentage of students who might be excluded on the filters in schools.

            He said that on Monday at the entrance to the school of public health authorities will remain vigilant of the situation, with the eight health jurisdictions willing to care for children with medical charts suspects.

            He noted that Mexico has only been one confirmed human case of influenza from 268 suspected cases, 90 percent of whom are young people and adults.


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              Re: Tamaulipas: Cases


              Google translation:
              Picked influenza in Tamaulipas, confirmed 9 cases of A-H1N1
              * Report 4 in Ciudad Madero, Ciudad Mante 2, 2 in Victoria and one in Nuevo Laredo

              By Claudia Zapata / MetroNoticias
              Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas .- The Ministry of Health of Mexico confirmed that this day was in the state with 9 cases of Influenza A H1N1, according to the above samples by the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference INDRE.

              The owner of the branch in the state Guillermo Manzur Arzola, announced this after being notified by the INDRE argued that when a radio interview in the "Zone 3" ORT, led by journalists, Adriana Heredia and Carlos Lopez Arriaga.

              On this situation and said he was informed the Governor Eugenio Hernandez Flores will be reinforced and preventive measures and health care to prevent the spread of this evil.

              Confirmed cases by INDRE, Influenza A-H1N1, are: 4 in Ciudad Madero, Ciudad Mante 2, 2 in Victoria and one in Nuevo Laredo, 268 suspects until this Sunday, according to information provided by hospitals in which patients were admitted, all received appropriate antiviral treatment and are recovering.

              The official said to be in the course of the day when they are given detailed terms of these nine cases of influenza and the measures taken in the municipalities where they were found but said that no deaths from this cause.
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                Re: Tamaulipas: Cases


                10 confirmed human cases of influenza in Tamaulipas
                The Secretary of Health in Mexico confirmed 10 human cases of influenza in the state, said today that the filters in school and sent to the doctor returned to 544 students who showed symptoms of the virus

                AP - Following the meeting of the State Board of Health, the branch secretary in Tamaulipas, Juan Guillermo Manzur Arzola, reported that with the return to classes and through the filters were sent to 544 school students at the nearest health facility, without However only three of them called rapid test, and became suspicious

                He admitted that he had a case of human influenza in the state, today rose to 10, confirmed by the National Institute of Epidemiological Reference (Indre).

                He said that these two cases are in Ciudad Victoria, the lesser of seven years living in Cologne and one Corregidora of Cologne Horacio Teran, where fences were health related.

                In the town of Tampico are five cases, one in Reynosa and another in Mante, the secretary stressed.

                "All are under treatment, and similar symptoms, all had high fever and dry cough and remaining 11 patients were at risk," he said.

                Explained that the age of those infected is very variable, six of them ranging from 20 to 60 years, two children under the age of five to nine years, a teenager from 10 to 15 years and only one minor child one year.


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                  Re: Tamaulipas: Cases


                  Google translation:
                  4 confirmed cases of human influenza Madero

                  The H1N1 virus resulted in a less than 8 years, a woman of 53 years, and two men between 27 and 37 years of age hospitalized in early May, and now all are released from the hospital but their cases are investigated.

                  Tue, 12/05/2009 - 14:54

                  Madero .- Health Confirms Jurisdiction number two of four cases of human influenza in Ciudad Madero, at the moment there are 10 new suspect cases.

                  Confirmed cases are treated in a less than 8 years, a woman of 53 years, and two men between 27 and 37 years of age.

                  They entered the beginning of May and two were hospitalized in two and Canseco in and according IMMS Ernesto Lavin, head of the Jurisdiction, and were discharged, but was until now it had test results confirming that practiced his condition was HIN1 by the virus.

                  Health authorities have launched an investigation to see how they contracted the virus.

                  Put on alert status to the Ministry of Health, said Lavin, who have not dropped their guard to prevent the disease.

                  Note that tomorrow at ten o'clock meeting, the State Board of Health at the Convention Center of Tampico, after he had issued the death of ten people in the state and will be tomorrow when deciding to suspend or no more classes per day.
                  Anahy Meza


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                    Re: Tamaulipas: Cases


                    Dies first with influenza
                    Wed, 13 May 2009 06:55:00

                    Alejandro Paz

                    Of the ten patients with confirmed influenza A/H1N1 virus by the National Institute of Epidemiological Reference (Indre), the Ministry of Health (SS) announced that one of them died 15 days ago, after complications of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) who suffered.

                    Juan Guillermo Arzola Mansur, Secretary of Health of Mexico, reported that the first victim of influenza occurred in Reynosa, a young 28 years old. "We have a positive patients death is death to a patient in Reynosa, a young man of 28 years of age who had a history of AIDS."

                    Explained that the patient had a very bad state of his health, "had a very significant immunosuppression same problem on his died of AIDS ... not the problem of influenza, but from complications of AIDS itself."

                    Arzola Mansur said that the boy had respiratory problems, in addition to tuberculosis, so it died with the diagnosis of the normal complications of AIDS, and stressed: "The patient died with influenza but not for the influenza."

                    Indicated that the patient was unable to improve their health because they did not have the immunological defenses as anyone else. "It is a patient who is not like us, give us this problem and rid us perfectly, and with more treatment, which is a patient who has a history of AIDS in very poor condition and therefore any infection can kill. "

                    Denied that the cases will again be a suspension of classes in Tamaulipas. "There were agreements that were made at this council, on the contrary we see a decrease and stabilization of the problem in Tamaulipas, in three days we had only five patients per day."

                    Finally, before leaving for Mexico City for a reunion with Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, Health Secretary federal Mansur Arzola said "we should not have fear about the positives that are occurring, because all the positives that Indre has being reported are cases that we have as probable. "

                    He explained that the Secretariat is responsible for three types of documented cases, suspects that is all they serve; likely that patients are leaving with a positive state in the laboratory, and confirmed that the demand for Mexico Indre.

                    It also announced that the fence is being strengthened epidemiological, mainly in the southern state, "the sentry posts are being strengthened, the State Government has instructed that we reinforce all posts sentries especially those coming from San Luis Potosi and those coming from Texas. "


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                      Re: Tamaulipas: Cases


                      Google translation:
                      ARE overcome the disease
                      Health 9 cases confirmed positive for influenza AH1

                      By Region Tamaulipas
                      2009-05-13 09:16:22

                      CD. VICTORIA, Tamaulipas .- The National Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (INDRE) confirmed on Monday, 9 cases positive for influenza AH1N1, patients that to date more than medical treatment and are in an optimal state of health, said Juan Guillermo Mansur Arzola, highlighting also that the first day of classes were held only three rapid tests, which were negative to this.

                      The Secretary of Health in Tamaulipas, reiterated that the human influenza virus is in a control and referred to the 14 tests that had been sent to INDRE the city of Mexico, at the end of April, it was confirmed yesterday that the 9 patients had the disease, which add to the positive case that to date there was in the state.

                      ? We have clear instructions from the State Governor Eugenio Hernandez Flores of not lower our guard and for patients who have been confirmed today, I tell them to act from a principle that applies a sweeping house to house, is made surveillance, then the distribution of information material and guidance, as well as the application of rapid tests to rule out or detect possible instances of contacts? he said.

                      The Secretary of Health, said all preventive measures that have been made to stabilization in the number of cases and the health sector does not depend on the result of a laboratory to implement the actions, which were undertaken in a timely manner and since time they were detected as suspected cases.

                      These cases were detected in 4 times in the city of Madero, Tampico 1, 1 in Reynosa, Nuevo Laredo at 1 and 2 in this capital city, which presented fever, headache, and 3 patients had pain of body, the 60 percent for female patients and 40 percent male.

                      To date there have been 273 suspected cases, of which 262 were discarded from the disease, 11 are hospitalized and 10 were confirmed with the disease of human influenza, and reiterated that to maintain these figures it is necessary to implement preventive measures such as general hygiene, not coughing or sneezing in front of others and with a tissue, among others.

                      The Health Ministry also reported that the agreement of the General Council of Health, until the day May 20 when they return to the mainstream of mass events, provided that the contingency of health under control continue as before.

                      In regard to the Ministry of Education and on minor incidents, the filters were installed in school buildings at the basic level, reporting that 544 had referred to any symptoms and only 3 patients required a rapid test, in addition to providing proper treatment.


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                        Re: Tamaulipas: Cases


                        Suben positive cases of Influenza A H1N1 in Tamaulipas

                        With the latest results confirmed by the National Institute of Epidemiological Reference, positive cases of Influenza A H1N1 climbed to 35 across the state.
                        By: Miguel Angel Perez Lopez / Ciudad Victoria
                        Monday May 18 2009

                        Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas .- After confirmation of the National Institute of Epidemiological Reference (INRE) in Tamaulipas positive cases of Influenza A H1N1 climbed to 35 and are still being studied 65 samples.

                        Arzola Juan Manzur, Secretary of Health in the state explained that the INRE on Monday unveiled a number of positive cases that were analyzed, "on Saturday gave us a packet of patients positive to 28 positive cases came on Saturday, but today morning in my mail were 7 patients, we have a total of 35 positive patients. "

                        He explained that the cases are in the following counties: In 11 Madero, Tampico 4 Reynosa 3, Victoria 5, Laredo 4, Altamira 1 Mante 2, Matamoros 2, Ocampo Hidalgo 1 AND 2

                        "Everyone is perfectly healthy, as were patients were likely made the siege of health, were given treatment, but we want to strengthen and, in fact since they were introduced earlier since Saturday and were the measures of enhancement, now left us seven, "the state official.

                        Manzur Arzola stated that currently the INRE are 65 samples from suspected cases, and that today was a new suspected case of a patient is placed.


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                          Re: Tamaulipas: Cases


                          Girl dies from influenza in Tamaulipas
                          Health Sector authorities argue that the immune system was the least depressed due to previous illnesses.

                          Drafting Infonorte

                          Reynosa .- The second victim of a recorded human influenza H1N1 was confirmed in this border beginning this weekend. This virus-related death, the authorities insist that public health is not fatal, is a small barely seven years old.

                          "What happens is that the contagion has increased suddenly, but these cases are just confirming. Unfortunately there was one death over here in Reynosa, a girl who is also depressed by other immune diseases that had suffered.

                          "We do not know how they were infected with the virus, we know that the little he had gone to Veracruz in days to present symptoms and die as she was encouraged that the contagion," said the chairman of the board of the local branch of the Cross Red War Dinora Garza.

                          Interviewed stressed that the information provided by the authorities of the Ministry of Health shows that "unfortunately" is increasingly being presented more cases of human influenza H1N1 in children who are most vulnerable population group.

                          "Cases are emerging of children here, not yet confirmed, but if positive, they represent a high risk of infection because they are located in densely populated residential areas," he added.

                          Because of this, the president of the board of the local branch of the Red Cross made an appeal to the general public to continue to observe the measures necessary to prevent contagion, ie washing of hands, use of face mask and avoid -as far as possible to go places very crowded.


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                            Re: Tamaulipas: Cases


                            Google translation:

                            Reynosa girl died from the virus A-H1N1
                            * Confirm INDRE the death of the child, and adds 3 more positive cases of this virus
                            By Claudia Zapata / MetroNoticias

                            Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas .- The death of a child under 5 years old Reynosa native, became the second fatality of the A H1N1 in Tamaulipas as confirmed this morning by the Secretary of Health Juan Guillermo Manzur Arzola after taking their hands the results delivered by the INDRE on this case.

                            In an interview for this medium, Manzur Arzola, said the small addition to presenting cerebral palsy have other conditions were complicated after contracting the virus that led to the death last May 10 after being interned Hospital PEMEX.

                            "This case was just notified us by INDRE was part of the samples sent to the laboratory as probable cases, and after his death would have to confirm that it was actually a result of complications from the virus," he explained.

                            He added that in this case are also two more that make up a total of 38 cases on Tuesday confirmed by the INDRE Influenza A-H1N1, of whom two died.

                            The first, he was a patient of 28 years old also from Reynosa HIV carrier, and the second 5 years of the small.

                            Manzur Arzola, denied that it may Maquillando information and figures on the epidemic in Mexico has been controlled through the actions that were undertaken in a timely manner.

                            In this regard he recalled that the state health laboratory samples taken from suspected cases of influenza is confirmed that the likelihood of some of these are sent to the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Referral to analyze each sample to be positive to the virus sends the results for each entity.

                            "This is a procedure that can take several days hence, the data seem outdated, but at no time manipulating the information on this subject," he said.

                            He said this would be Tuesday after the meeting of the State Board of Health at 12 days, when you make the information and actions that continue to hold and cut the chain of infection.


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                              Re: Tamaulipas: Cases


                              Google translation:

                              3 deaths confirmed in Tamaulipas with influenza
                              In the case of a girl suffering from cerebral palsy and that complicated their health status. In another, a citizen was infected in transit in Mexico City.

                              For Mauritius Santamar?a and Miguel Zapata

                              .- La Ciudad Victoria Tamaulipas Secretariat of Health confirmed the death of a girl of seven years because of the Influenza A H1N1 and also announced another death for the same cause occurred in Nuevo Laredo.

                              In the first case, the secretary stressed Arzola Juan Manzur treatment of a small cerebral palsy, which was very low and the defenses that led to worsen his health condition.

                              As the patient of Nuevo Laredo, was a truckers from Mexico City who were infected and led to the border town without treatment.

                              The latter was also complicated by other havoc on your health, as he was hypertensive and had diabetes.

                              "Therefore I tell you the type of problems experienced by the patients, and unfortunately I have to say, a patient with infantile paralysis are known and they know they are very much vulnerable patients," he said.

                              He added: "The patient was in transit, had already been infected and no treatment in the city of Mexico, and almost came to die here (Nuevo) Laredo.

                              With this addition and three deaths from the epidemic in Tamaulipas, the other case also occurred in the city of Reynosa, whose patient was carrying the AIDS virus.

                              "The previous one was immune depressed patients, then and now that we have healthy and have been given treatment have had no problem."

                              He noted that this does not indicate that the epidemic has had an upswing in the state, as are cases of days ago, just when the health alert was declared across the country.

                              However, he made it clear that not lower the guard and continued on yellow alert, and will be up in the coming days to determine if changes color.

                              Detail than in the past three days has only made one new suspect case and reiterated that the epidemic has been stabilized in Tamaulipas.