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Tamaulipas: Health records 29 cases of influenza - 5 deaths

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  • Tamaulipas: Health records 29 cases of influenza - 5 deaths

    Ciudad Victoria

    A total of 24 cases of influenza have been detected in six municipalities in Tamaulipas, unveiled the epidemiologist of the Ministry of Health, Alfredo Rodriguez Trujillo. Must be 12 cases correspond to the municipality of Tampico, eight to the capital, two in Reynosa, one in peacekeeping and other more in the municipality of Altamira. He recalled that the unit account with almost a million and a half of vaccines against influenza, and special attention should be given to the most vulnerable population as minors, older adults, pregnant women, diabetics and those who suffer from respiratory problems such as bronchial asthma. AND is that because of the first cold fronts that have been registered in the entity have been fired 15 percent acute respiratory infections to accommodate up to 24 thousand cases per week." Now we bring almost a 15 percent increase of the average that we had in the last 4 weeks, And the number of cases is nearly 18 thousand per week, but as we move to the months of November, December and January are the coldest months infections increase between 20 and 24 thousand cases per week".

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    Re: Tamaulipas: Health records 24 cases of influenza

    5 confirmed deaths from influenza in Tamaulipas

    Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.-
    The Secretary of Health in Tamaulipas, Norberto Treviño Garcia-Manzo , confirmed the death of 5 persons per seasonal influenza.

    Must be that four of them are of the municipality of Madero and a less than a month of born in Ciudad Victoria. 'Actually were confirmed 5 cases, 4 women in reproductive age and a baby of one month from the date of birth, are by complications pneumonic lesions'.

    He said that this was the time in Tamaulipas were registered in the year 139 probable cases of influenza of which 29 were confirmed as seasonal. "These cases were 8 in Victoria, 9 in Madero, 5 in Tampico, two in Reynosa and one in the Altamira and one in Peace'.

    He said that these people were not vaccinated against influenza in that regard urged people to go to be vaccinated.