Activated fence health after confirming death by influenza A - H1N1

Metamoros, Tamaulipas. - Although the first decease of a person appeared already in Swashbuckler for influenza A-H1N1, the Secretary of Health (SS) will not express any alert and on the other hand it imposed a sanitary encirclement between the persons who had relation with the deceased as protection measurement to avoid risks of contagion, after which yesterday there was detected a new suspicious case of a patient of the Mexican Institute of the Social security (IMSS) that is already investigated.
The previous thing was exhibited by V?ctor Garc?a Fuentes, boss of Sanitary Jurisdiction the IIIrd, who said that it is not necessary to implant an alert, but rather to keep on carrying to extremes precautions, to vaccinate against the influenza A-H1N1 and to be attended on time when symptoms of the illness appear.

After great confusion that the same authorities propitiated, there was confirmed the death of the teacher Alejandro Mireles Maldonado, teacher of the School Saint John XXIst century for about 10 years. In the first instance the Institute of Security and Social Services of the Workpeople of the State (ISSSTE) he declared that he was a suspect of influenza A-H1N1, then that died insisted that it was for pneumonia, until antier the Secretary of Health confirmed the decease for the illness.
? Samples took this patient and it gave positive to influenza A-H1N1, treatment was administered because it was presenting all the symptoms, this way the doctors of the ISSSTE passed it, but he did not answer to the treatment; he was a patient of high risk, since it was presenting a chronic - degenerative illness, in addition to which it had not vaccinated ?, it revealed Garc?a Fuentes.

With regard to the case of Alejandro Portillo, who died on Tuesday in the Mexican Institute of the Social security (IMSS) for pneumonia, he said that already an office was sent to the clinic to ask for the records and to confirm that it should not be for influenza A-H1N1.
? I know that he died for pneumonia, there are many types of this illness, extraofficially this is what I know, since they have not also said to us if medicine was given him by this cause, the doctors have not labelled it like influenza A-H1N1, they have the obligation to notify us if it talks each other or not of a patient with influenza, in fact, I have just sent a letter so that they send to us the records ?, he concluded.