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The ISSSTE attends to suspected case of influenza

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  • The ISSSTE attends to suspected case of influenza

    Swashbuckler, Tamaulipas. - A case of influenza A-H1N1 suspicious has registered in the Institute of Security and Social Services of the Workpeople of the State in Metamoros, (ISSSTE). It is a question of a 45-year-old man of age, who apparently works in the mass media.
    The previous thing was declared by Juan Jos? Valdez Sep?lveda, the director of the Unit of the ISSSTE, who pointed out that this person came walking and now he is in barbiturate state of coma.

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    Re: The ISSSTE attends to suspected case of influenza

    ? They have pneumonia, suspects of A H1N1 ?: Valdez Sep?lveda

    The director of the Clinic of the ISSSTE in Swashbuckler, Juan Jos? Valdez Sep?lveda, pointed out that the patients who come with symptoms of the influenza AH1N1 are atypical pneumonias that need from special attention, but it discards that it is the AH1N1.
    He emphasized that the 45-year-old patient she remained already discarded, but that now they have another feminine patient who presents the same symptoms and that are treating it as if it was this influenza, but we do not have the assertion yet.
    It is important to mention that we are in high period of infections in the high airways and that they are complicated by pneumonia and pneumonias that the characteristics assemble or have the same symptoms of the influenza AH1N1, he said.
    For it the fact is that we must intern and remain isolated to avoid contagions also and more important of keeping them watched medically to prevent in a complication from being able to cost them the life, it showed.
    He underlined that up to the moment they are two patients who remain in intensive therapy, being only the masculine one the one that is delicate and the feminine stablest, but that we are monitoring.