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22 deaths from influenza in Sonora

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  • 22 deaths from influenza in Sonora

    Deaths from influenza in Sonora in this 2014 increased to six in the last hours, according to the latest report of the federal Ministry of health. In total, the entity 125 cases were presented. According to the statistics of dependency in the hospitals of the sector health 79 patients were seen and there have been six deaths that so far accounted for the entity. The clinics of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) have been detected 12 cases of contagion, while the Institute of security and services social of the State workers (ISSSTE), 34. In any health centre in these agencies, there have been deaths from influenza. The epidemiology director of the Secretariat of health of the State, Sergio Olvera Alba, said that there is enough drug in Sonora to provide care to persons who could have influenza, since in recent days they arrived around 3 thousand treatments and the availability for the federal Ministry of health to do a new shipment where so required.

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    Re: Six deaths from influenza in Sonora

    How many more deaths are needed?

    By: Armando Vazquez de

    SOON MY friend Flavio showing me a message from a doctor Tijuana friend who informed him of the death of a doctor by the influenza A subtype H1N1. Then come the talk the case of a nurse of this city that died a few days ago at the San Jose Hospital. Then, it is pointed out on the radio that ten children of a garden of children of name Miriam, located in the Bougainvillea are infected and suffered the Cain to get Tamiflu because was already advanced the contagion. In the pharmacies of Sonora, the Kino, is the only one that has had the drug, but that is just fast. That son of a businessman known snow pushed buy Tamiflu in the Clinic of the Northwest and is denied it. That was unique to the patients of the center, and had to send him. That in the United States is this medicine in the pharmacies and worth fifteen dollars, but that in Arizona van more than ten dead and the price will tend to go upward. That in the border are passed to the other side to buy it. Chamaco my high school told me what had happened to a student in her lounge who lasted three day going to school with this disease and then two weeks hospitalized with the soul in suspense; my other Chamaco primary, told me that a teacher would have caught the flu.

    I read the information that they had two cold fronts. That the influenza had killed seven people in Sonora to 40 in Jalisco and in the country to 320. Suddenly the holder deSergio Olvera Alba, Director of Epidemiology at the Secretariat of Health, stated that there is still no to worry about. I wonder how many more deaths are required for the alarm to sound red?, 20, 30, 40?

    Then there is only one hundred thousand to Sonora vaccines, i hope that, for the moment, ready to be supplied in the health centers, but there is not a real campaign, as they do not want to frighten people. Also that the analysis to know if it is H1N1 is the introduction in the nose of a swab up to the painful background and then usually is sent to the State Laboratory of Public Health of Sonora where by the way, There has been no money to buy the reagents and has been to pique being that one or two years ago was classified among the best in the world. That for the detection of H1N1, if it comes in large volume there will be no responsiveness to time and as such will thing happened three or four or more years when this pandemic was born.

    And I have heard so many things, that in truth reader, the topic i is beginning to frighten. Some of the recommendations for preventing influenza are the frequent and adequate washing of the hands, not self-medicate, apply the vaccine against the disease and go with the doctor before symptoms of fever, general discomfort, trouble breathing, cough.

    I reader, How will the situation and if not carried out by the Secretariat of Health a mass vaccination campaign, at least in the schools, and that of course we remove the fear of the popes generated by any information that pointed out to us the danger of obtain visas and be vaccinated against influenza, if it does not act soon the owner, Dr. Bernardo Campillo, then it will be late for all those future deceased and their families.

    And that is not worth it.


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      Re: Six deaths from influenza in Sonora

      Eight deaths from influenza in Sonora

      The deaths from influenza in Sonora grew to eight, according to the latest report of the federal Secretariat of Health, with the number of fatalities had doubled in the last week. Up to eight days ago four people had died in the entity by the disorder, according to what is established in the statistics of the unit, which also reported a total of 146 cases detected in Sonora. Faced with this situation, the Secretary of Health of Sonora, Bernardo Campillo Garcia, said he will analyze the guidelines for declaring an eventual alert to influenza in the state.

      Of the positive cases detected, the majority are of the type A H1N1 and to a lesser incidence the AH3N2 and B.


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        Re: 8 deaths from influenza in Sonora

        15 Deaths from influenza in Sonora

        Sonora.- The number of deaths in Sonora by influenza increased to 15 with the death of two people in the past few days, reported the state Secretariat of Health. The unit must be that so far in 2014 have been 225 confirmed cases of influenza in the entity, of which 160 are of the type A H1N1, 38 of the A H3N2, 25 of the type B, and 2) not to sub-typed. The director of Epidemiology of the Health Secretariat, Sergio Olvera Alba, indicated that the statistics on the health are different to those handled in the state, they will still reported a death more due to an error in the system, which doubles one of the cases. He called upon the international community to implement the preventive measures, especially the vulnerable people. One of these measures, he said, is the application of seasonal influenza vaccine in adults older than 60 years, people with diseases that affect the immune system, pregnant women, health personnel, as well as children under the age of five years.


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          Re: 15 deaths from influenza in Sonora

          19 Deaths from influenza H1N1

          Hermosillo.- The Secretary of Health in Sonora reported that so far are 19 deaths that have occurred as a result of human influenza type A-H1N1.

          In this regard, the Department of Epidemiology in the entity, he noted that have accounted for 287 cases of influenza in the year, Of which 199 are of the type A H1N1, 48 to H3N2, 36 type B and four TO not sub-typed. At a press conference to give the weekly behavior of this disease, he said that during the last week are reported four deaths being three persons of the female and a male of 20, 22, 50 and 62 years of age, respectively of the regions of Navojoa, Oomapasc, and Nogales. He added that, in the face of this situation the health authorities will continue with the recommendations, so that those who submit respiratory symptoms are not exposed in public places and conglomerates and sudden temperature changes, in addition to dress properly and do not self-medicate. He added that not only to prevent influenza, but the suffering associated with the winter season, it is necessary to ignore the instructions that are provided by the health authorities. That abounded in the same way it is necessary to be met immediately before the first symptoms of a malaise of health in general, especially those related to sudden changes in temperature.


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            Re: 19 deaths from influenza in Sonora

            Closed winter season with 22 deaths from influenza

            In total there were 366 cases and 22 deaths and 69 samples to be confirmed by laboratory for influenza this winter season 2013-2014, same concluded yesterday. The director of epidemiology of the Ministry of health, Sergio Olvera Alba, explained that the 22 deaths were by serotype H1N1; cases 214 were this same typing, 71 of the AH3N2, not subtyped 4 and 77 of the serotype B. The last death occurred March 20 in Navojoa and was a 66-year-old man who was not vaccinated against the flu, added, suffered comorbidity chronic obstructive lung disease and went to receive medical attention late. In addition to flu, reports which are given follow-up this season are diseases associated with winter as poisoning by carbon monoxide, Burns, hypothermia and acute respiratory infections (HAI). The State official said that as for IRAS this season 198 thousand were 414, 7% more than in 2012-2013, when it had record of 193 thousand 668, the most vulnerable to these is that of 14 years or less, which represents 46% of the total number of cases. This season it closed with 16 cases of poisoning by carbon monoxide and seven by butane gas, said, of which two went to the statistics of deaths, both by carbon monoxide poisoning. Olvera Alba reported that as of today you will be given follow-up to diseases related to high temperatures such as: dehydration, sunstroke and heat shock.