Sinaloa. - The Secretary of Health
he confirmed that in Sinaloa 64 cases of Influenza have registered in everything
Sector Health (SSA, IMSS and ISSSTE) reported, the holder of the dependency in
entity, Dr. Ernesto Echeverría Aispuro

Aispuro pointed out that the information appears to
established commitment to report weekly to the means of
communication on the situation that the Influenza keeps in Sinaloa; he assured
that these numbers understand until February 17 of the present year.

The Secretary of Health
it recounted that up to the moment 64 are the cases for influenza, of which 50
they correspond to influenza A/H1N1, with 14 remaining ones for other types of virus.

The Director of
Services of Health in the entity he added that the distribution for municipality is
as it continues: Ahome 6, The Fortress 3, Guasave 7, Sinaloa de Leyva 1, Salvador
Alvarado 2, Culiacán 11, Navolato 1, Elota 1, Mazatlán 17 and Escuinapa 1.