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52 deaths due to influenza in San Luis Potosí

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  • 52 deaths due to influenza in San Luis Potosí

    In the state the first death due to influenza AH1N1 was already present, in addition there are seven more cases of this type, said the general director of the Health Services, Monica Liliana Rangel Martinez, who exhorted the population not to lower their guard in Prevention measures because there could be more deaths.
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    Third flu victim

    Influenza deaths continue to rise in San Luis Potosí as it is suspected that this weekend was the third death, said the delegate of the Mexican Social Security Institute, José Sigona Torres. He indicated that there is a confirmed death in the Institute Which is already recorded in the statistics that the State Health Department handles and another that is still under analysis for confirmation, of which the first death was in the municipality of Rio Verde


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      Alarming the number of deaths due to Influenza in SLP

      It is important that the public address the recommendations of the health sector and avoid exposure to sudden changes in temperature, as this increases the occurrence of respiratory diseases and cases of influenza, said the deputy Guillermina Morquecho Pazzi, president of the Health Commission And Social Assistance, who also acknowledged that the number of deaths due to influenza cases in San Luis Potosí is worrying. In this sense, he explained that in the case of minors and older adults, Reinforce preventive measures, and in case of presenting any symptoms, go to the doctor to receive timely care.


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        52 killed in Nuevo León due to influenza

        The latest report from the Epidemiology Directorate of the Federal Ministry of Health states that in the week ending on Thursday, another person died, adding up to 52 deaths due to the virus. Of the 2,485 cases registered in the country, 242 occurred in the capital, equivalent to 10% of the total of the country, as well as eight deaths of 184 that occurred in the country during the winter. Of the 184 deaths reported by influenza 133 were A (H1N1), 24 Influenza A, 21 of B and six of A (H3N2). Whereas the entities with the highest number of deaths are Nuevo Leon, Querétaro, Coahuila, Hidalgo and San Luis Potosí. Despite the increase in confirmed cases, 09 Coahuila went from the fifth to the sixth place, so far it is only surpassed by the States of Nuevo Leon, Querétaro, Mexico City, San Luis Potosí and State of Mexico.